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Auditoriums are famous for their lighting. Besides, people like to go to an auditorium for the impressive lighting. It allows them to view performances and much more with ease. Every auditorium is different. This is why the right lighting needs to be selected for the auditorium keeping in mind its unique setup. Whether the auditorium is located at a stage production house, church, or even a college, this guide aims to provide you with all the information you need when getting auditorium lighting.

1. Auditorium Lighting Design

When in the market for auditorium lighting, you need to focus on design. The following will help you work on the auditorium lighting design.

  • Select the focal point: The first thing that needs to be done when working on the auditorium lighting design is to decide the focal point. The majority of auditoriums are built to allow the audience to easily look at a podium, pulpit, or stage. Through lighting, attention is drawn to this area. This is where track lighting or directional spotlights will prove useful.
  • Consider Placement: Next, you need to consider the placement of the lighting. Although you want to focus on directing attention to the focal point, you cannot place the lighting in such a way so as to overpower the performers. Always position the lights higher than the focal point to reduce glare.
  • Maintain three zones of lighting: As a rule of thumb, there should be three zones of lighting for the auditorium.  The first one is for the board lights which project towards the screen on stage. The second layer consists of presenter lights that help shed illumination on the presented. As for the third layer, it offers audience lighting.
  • Never Skimp on Brightness: When working on auditorium lighting design, you have to ensure that the lighting is bright enough for people to take notes if required. If people sit in the dark, it can put a lot of strain on their eyes while staring at a stage or screen with bright lights. The goal is to ensure that the lights are adjustable. A pro tip that will prove useful is installing dimmers to have more control over the auditorium lighting.
  • Focus more on artificial light: In addition to the above, it is vital that the focus is more on artificial light as compared to natural light. Although most locations require the incorporation of both types of lighting, auditoriums need to maintain low lighting levels to make the projected screens more visible. To enable artificial lighting to meet the requirements, natural lighting needs to be minimized.

2. LED Auditorium Lighting Features

When it comes to auditorium lighting, LED lights reign supreme. There are certain lighting features that need to be considered to maximize the performance of the lighting and get more out of your buck. Discover the full capabilities of an auditorium by considering the following LED lighting features.

2.1 Reduced Costs

One of the main reasons why LED is the preferred choice for auditorium lighting is because it helps reduce lighting costs. It makes for a more sustainable and practical lighting solution as compared to any other light source. Benefit from energy savings of up to 75 percent with LED auditorium lighting from LEDLUCKY. The LED lights will help reduce a huge amount of energy consumption. Besides, you will get to enjoy many savings in the form of rebates, reduced maintenance costs, and a much longer lifespan.

2.2 Flicker-Free

The thing about auditorium lighting is that there is no room for flickering to occur. It would instantly cause a panic. Moreover, photography and filming are also common in auditoriums such as in the case of a concert. The auditorium lamps provide support for up to 5,000 Hz of slow-motion photography with even dimming of lights. It will help capture the most perfect moments. Get flicker-free LED auditorium lighting from LEDLUCKY for an incredible experience.


2.3 Better User Experience

When you shop for LED auditorium lights, you get to ensure that your audience has a better user experience. LED lights are the perfect solution that all auditoriums rely on. They offer amazing quality light for hallways, theater seating, the stage, and much more.  Since LEDs never buzz or flicker, no issue will be faced by the audience. In addition to this, LEDs require no warm up time. You can instantly switch them on, off, or dim them as much or as little as you like. Whether you want to light up a small stage or a huge podium, you can trust LEDs to provide the best color temperature, lighting footprint, and design.

2.4 Improved Safety

With LED auditorium lighting, you get to ensure improved safety for your audience. Since safety is important, you need proper lighting. This is where LEDLUCKY comes into place. It offers LED lighting for every part of the auditorium including the parking lot as it requires safety for people to visit and leave. With LED lighting, you get to ensure that the entire premises are brightly illuminated so that everyone feels safe.

3. Dimmable and Control System

When shopping for auditorium lighting, you cannot forget about getting a solution that offers a dimmable and control system. With this ability, you will be able to instantly dim the lights and control the brightness as you please from a scale of 0 to 100 percent. The feature is perfect for all types of auditoriums. Not every LED auditorium lighting company offers a dimmable and control system. However, LEDLUCKY is a company that offers such a system to help you take greater control over the user experience of your audience. It does not get better than this. With the dimming controls, you can move the knob to adjust brightness as you please.

4. Conclusion

Once you have gone over this post, you will know everything about auditorium lighting. Make sure to get LED auditorium lighting from LEDLUCKY. You will not regret it as the company goes out of its way to provide its customers with the best solutions.

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