Skylight X is an innovative product and newly launched by LEDLUCKY. With its aesthetic design and tool-free installation method, it has drawn huge attention after released. Adopting high quality LED chips and high light transmittance PC lens with the proper optic system, Skylight X could ensure to only illuminate wherever the light is needed。The elegant and streamlined design with smooth surface eliminate the risk of accumulation of dust and dirt in harsh environment. Up to 71% savings in energy costs compared to conventional lighting, Skylight X is an ideal option for urban road lighting, parking lot , industrial park etc..

  • Tool-free access to electronic compartment with a snap fastener.
  • Cut power automatedly with knife switch embedded.
  • Built-in 10KV surge protector,IP66 Water-Proof,Built-in gradienter.
  • A built-in gradiometer assist to locate the correct orientation during installation.
  • ±15° tilt angle adjustment.
  • Smart control: 1-10V Dimming Control, DALI system, Occupancy Control
  • optional photocell with NEMA socket.
  • TYPE ii distribution in accordance with applications with Spacing-to-Mounting-Height ratio of 3.5.
  • Watts: 50W, 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W.
  • High luminaires efficiency up to 150lm/W.
  • High brightness, Wide range of lumen output package from 7,500lm up to 22,500lm.

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