Cost-effective Stadium Lights with a Nice Price in 2022

Agility Led Stadium Light

Agility is a versatile modular floodlight, which is suitable to use for the football field, tennis court, badminton courts, parking lots, training field, etc. With 100W per module, Its maximum power can reach 600W. During the use of Agility, when one module fails, other modules are not affected, we only need to replace one module during maintenance which reduces the difficulty of maintenance and saves the time and cost of post-maintenance. Since Agility’s optoelectronic modules and connection accessories can be easily combined and shared, we usually separate them during transportation, which saves tariffs for the customer and also reduces the pressure for inventory.


  • modular design, 100W per module, convenient to assemble to different powers
  • A very good product for SKD cooperation with you.
  • The unique circuit on each module ensures the continuous functioning of the light fixture when an individual LED fails by a short/open circuit.
  • Easy to adjust the lighting to the right area.
  • Whole fixture can be smoothly adjusted by 90 degrees (±45°), and individual modules can be rotated by 20 degrees (new design)
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Die-casting juction box
Die-casting juction box
10KV Surge protector
10KV Surge protector
Plastic junction box
Plastic junction box

General lnformation

  • 1. The combinations of different drivers, mounting brackets, modules and baffles allow quick assembly at the customers' side as needed.
  • 2. The unique circuital design on each module ensures continuous functioning with individual LEDs.
  • 3. Power: 100W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 480W, 600W, 900W
  • 4. 145lm/W, 140lm/W, 135lm/W, 130lm/W, 120lm/W, 115lm/W, 110lm/W, 105lm/W, 100lm/W.
  • 5. Beam angle: Symmetric & Asymmetric available
  • 6. LM80, ISTMT, and TM21 reports available
  • 7. 5 years warranty
  • 8. 10kv surge protection
  • 9. Wide range of lumen output packages from
  • 10. 10,000lm up to 135,500lm

Superb Heat Management

2pcs mounting plate for drivers are designed to serve two purposes. One is to carry different module drivers and the other is to make sure there is adequate space in between drivers and heat sink for better heat dissipation. The five-face driver box is designed to have one side open for better heat dissipation. Also 3 groups of holes on the driver box assist supplementary.




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