Alpha LED Sports Stadium Light with Ultra-Cost-Effective

Alpha Led Stadium Light

Alpha is a new generation of high cost-effective LED sports lights. Adopting modular design, high-power LED sports lights with power between 300W and 1500W are composed of 1-5 modules.

Alpha has designed a variety of professional symmetrical and asymmetrical light distributions to meet the lighting standards of multiple occasions such as indoor and outdoor professional and training-level stadiums, outdoor parking lots, squares, and docks. The lens is made of professional-grade high-transmittance PC material, and the luminous efficiency is up to 145lm/W.


  • 270° overall adjustable (6 degrees per scale). A single module can be rotated by ±30 degrees.
  • The unique heat sink design can speed up heat dissipation
  • Lighter weight heat sink (the 1200W module is only 19.8kg (without driver))
  • Passing the 1.5G vibration test requirements of GB24827-2015, suitable to be used in docks, bridges and other places.
  • Stainless steel Anaconda Conduit can be customized
  • Tiger powder-coated, passing NSS 500(Neutral Salt Spray test)500h testing.
  • DMX 512 product solution available
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precision aiming device
Precision Aiming Device

General lnformation

  • 1. Available with 300W, 600W; 900W; 1200W; 1500W. Up to 145lm/W, 120lm/W for option. 10KV surge protection.
  • 2. Super light in weight(eg: 1200W is around 19.8kg without driver) due to professional path design for heat dissipation.
  • 3. Withstanding Category 5 Major Hurricane / super typhoon (205KM/H)
  • 4. Unique structure designed to make the best use of the light fixture. Single module is designed to be rotatable by ±30 degrees. 600W, 900W, 1200W, 1500W light fixtures can be adjusted from 0 to 230 degrees. 300W light fixture can be adjusted from 0 to 140 degrees.
  • 5. Aiming device to precisely align the light to aiming area.
  • 6. Beam angle: S43 (8 deg); S44 (20 deg); S45 (40 deg); S46 (60 deg); A28 (polarized 50 deg).
  • 7. 500 hours of Anti-salt surface treatment, 1000hrs anti-salt surface treatment for option.
  • 8. A strengthened bracket enables the whole light fixture to pass the windproof static stress test and 500,000 random vibration test, which can avoid fall-downs or other accidents in actual application.
  • 9. PC lens has excellent weatherability such as anti-yellowhream and anti-UV.
  • 10. Junction box with enough space to room built-in SPD, DMX512 converter.
  • 11. Ultra-long life with a designed 50K hours lifetime, 5 years warranty.
  • 12. LM80, ISTMT, and TM21 reports are available.
  • 13. Wide range of lumen output packages from 36000lm to 217500lm.
  • 14. IK08 and IP66 Ra70, Ra80 ,Ra90 for option.



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