Alpha LED Sports Stadium Light with Ultra-Cost-Effective

Alpha LED Stadium Light

Alpha is a new generation of high cost-effective LED sports lights. Adopting modular design, high-power LED sports lights with power between 300W and 1500W are composed of 1-5 modules. Alpha has designed a variety of professional symmetrical and asymmetrical light distributions to meet the lighting standards of multiple occasions such as indoor and outdoor professional and training-level stadiums, outdoor parking lots, squares, and docks. The lens is made of professional-grade high-transmittance PC material, and the luminous efficiency is up to 145lm/W.

Alpha’s radiator adopts a staggered arrangement design, which is more conducive to air collision and convection, taking away the heat. This allows us to reduce the material of the radiator as much as possible while maintaining sufficient heat dissipation to reducing weight. Therefore, Alpha can become a stable and ultra-light stadium light. Alpha also designed a flexible installation angle, which can achieve easy and precise adjustment of the angle. The design of the bending bracket can make the lights have the possibility of 0-degree installation, reducing the windward area and wind resistance.

  • Watts: 300W, 600W, 900W, 1200W, 1500W
  • Light Efficiency: 145lm/W, 120lm/W
  • Beam angle: Symmetric & Asymmetric available
  • IP66 & IK08
  • 10kv surge protection
  • LM80, ISTMT, and TM21 reports are available
  • 5 years warranty
  • Wide range of lumen output package from 36,000lm up to 217,500lm

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