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LED Tri-Proof Light

LEDLUCKY as a china LED Lighting company&manufacturer, also as a wholesaler supply tri-proof light over to the world by own factory. LED tri-proof light can be used for underground parking lots, public corridors, schools, hospitals, offices, supermarkets, food processing factories, indoor breeding plants, gyms, etc. And it can replace traditional fluorescent lamps, T8 / T5, and so on.

Elfin Gen Ⅱ-main

Elfin Gen II

With a high level of protection (IP65/IK08), optional accessories include installation buckle/sling optional.


Can be installed in warehouses, underground parking lots, gymnasiums, etc., using ceiling or hanging rope installation.
Bullet Gen II

Bullet O

Bullet O working temperature is between -10℃~40℃, this tri-proof light especially suits supply to using in manufacturer factories, large shopping malls, factory workshops, etc.


The Tubular series features smooth surface and seamless structure which eliminates the risks of accumulation of water, dust and bacteria.
Tubular II-main

Tubular Ⅱ

Thanks to the IP66-rated design which makes it is the ideal option especially for food factory.


Subway station
Parking Garages

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1. Is the light effect sufficient enough?
2. Intelligent control system, convenient for remote cluster control
3. Convenient installation structure
4. The protection of high-level.

LEDLUCKY LED tri-proof light supports 12-60w power and has 5000K color temperature to make workers concentrate on work.

LED tri-proof light is often used in underground parking lots, food processing plants, indoor breeding grounds, and other dusty places, it is necessary with high protection level.

LEDLUCKY LED tri-proof light which is directly supplied by the China factory can effectively prevent dust accumulation and water vapor from entering depends on the smooth and seamless tube and IP69.

LEDLUCKY – Strong luminous efficiency, long use time, easy installation, high-cost performance.
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