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When you enter a space, it is the corridor that sets the tone. Regardless of the fact whether the corridor area is small or large, it is crucial to invest in corridor lighting to make it stand out. When you add elegant entry lighting, you get to elevate the way an area looks and feels. It should complement the decor. Tell the story of the space by investing in the right corridor lights. When you incorporate the right lighting, you get to create an illusion of space. The main function of corridor lighting is to illuminate the passage and ensure that everyone makes it through safely. Moreover, it is important that the lighting is welcoming and reflects the unique style of the individual. This ultimate guide to corridor lighting will help provide you with all the information that you could possibly need. Let’s start the guide.

1. Hotel Corridor Lighting Design

If you have noticed different hotel departments, you must have noticed that they mostly use the inner corridor. Both sides of the corridor tend to have rooms. It is a long and closed off space that lacks natural lighting. This makes it necessary to add artificial lightings to make sure that guests can easily navigate through the corridor. Since most corridors have a lower ceiling due to the power supply line pipe, drainage design, water supply, and air conditioning duct, the lighting should be laid on the top part of the corridor ceiling. It would help make the space appear more accessible to everyone. Architectural lighting is commonly used to illuminate the light through the ceiling. However, it would still need to conform to the cultural characteristics and decoration style of the hotel. Energy-saving lamps can be used as a light source. As for the design, it should be that of emergency and evacuation lights.


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2. Hospital Corridor Lighting Design

A combination of electric-light sources, skylights, and the daylight keep most healthcare setting well lit. There is a difference between daylight/ skylights and electric-light sources that you need to understand. Sunlight tends to provide a balanced spectrum of colors which make the entire wavelength range visible. The exact wavelength present as found in daylight varies depending on the season, meteorological conditions, and latitude. Artificial electric-light sources offer a limited concentration of the light spectrum. To ensure most visual tasks are performed, the wavelength of the artificial light needs to regulate the circadian rhythm and the design has to maximize the efficiency of the lights.


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3. Office Corridor Lighting Design

When it comes to office corridor lighting design, there are a few things that need to be considered such as sufficient illumination for circadian rhythm, lessening of agitation through a constant level of spectrum lighting, exposure to morning light, and placement in such a way to maximize concentration as well as productivity.



4. Why Choose LEDLUCKY Lights For Corridor Lighting?

If you want to ensure that the corridor lighting is perfect, you need to get lights from LEDLUCKY. The following reasons will help you realize why it is a perfect choice.

4.1 Low Maintenance Costs

One of the main reasons why you need to choose LEDLUCKY for all your corridor lighting needs is because the lights allow you to benefit from low maintenance costs. They are designed in such a way that you do not need to deal with continuous maintenance costs. Once you have installed the lights, you do not need to worry about their maintenance.

4.2 Glare Control

Another reason why LEDLUCKY is the ideal company for your corridor lighting needs is due to the fact that the lights offer low glare. This would also help you maximize employee productivity and create the perfect environment for everyone.

4.3 Free Dialux design

LEDLUCKY is not your regular corridor lighting company. It employs experts that you can take advantage of to get a free dialux design made. No matter what type of design you might want for your space, you can expect to get it created with LEDLUCKY. It is a company that is truly generous in its services. The free dialux design service allows you to get the idea corridor lighting made for your business or any other space.

4.4 Excellent Control System

Make the most of the LEDLUCKY corridor lighting by using their control system. The control system provides you with excellent control over the lights. You can adjust the controls based on how you want to illuminate the space. It does not get better than this. Utilize the control system for maintaining the desired atmosphere in your office. The control system provides you with endless options so that you can illuminate the space as you want.

4.5 5 years warranty

Finally, all the lights that are manufactured by LEDLUCKY offer a 5-year warranty. When you make a purchase, you can rest assured that you would benefit from the warranty. If you have any issues with your order, you can get it repaired or even replaced. This makes it very convenient to buy corridor lighting from LEDLUCKY. The company goes out of its way to ensure that the needs of its customers are met. You never have to stress about the corridor lighting not working and getting ripped off as the company will help you if you experience any issues.


Once you have gone over this guide to corridor lighting, you will know about all the essentials depending on different industries. Corridor lighting is something that you simply cannot overlook since most corridors lack natural lighting and tend to be quite dark throughout the day. Make sure to get your corridor lighting made from a reliable company such as LEDLUCKY to avoid any inconvenience.

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