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LED High Bay light

LEDLUCKY UFO LED high bay lights which supplied by china manufacturer can be used in factories, warehouse, cargo area, convention center, Auto 4S stores, airport, food factory, large shopping malls, etc. The heat sink adopts die-casting aluminum forming method, which brings excellent heat dissipation; and the surface is treated by powder spraying process, superior appearance, and texture. Different installation methods can be matched according to the different site requirements, such as suspended installation, surface mounted, and wall-mounted. It can be used to replace the traditional HID, fluorescent lamps, and halogen lamps, etc. Dimming methods such as DALI, ZigBee, motion sensor, microwave sensor, and daylight harvest sensor can also be customized.

Halo Gen Ⅱ-main

Halo II

Power range 100W - 240W and light efficiency up to 160 lm/W.


Wide wattage range option from 36W to 125W, lumen from 4320lm~16250lm.
ripple II-main

Ripple II

Super stable quality perfomance already sold more than 550,000pcs and only with less than 0.1% customers' complaint.
Products-UFO Gen Ⅴ


Wide range of lumen output package from 13,000lm up to 36,000lm.


Vista Larger light-emitting area. Superb heat dissipation to ensure a long life span.


An ideal option for indoor/ outdoor use with superb heat dissipation ability combining the anti-corrosion and oxidantion resistance surface treatment.

Ripple E

China high bay lighting company's Ripple E adopting the cutting edge technology of IC controller in the industry.


Edge series LED high bay lights of super high lighting quality, specially designed to illuminate large indoor space creating a comfortable lighting environment plus saving more energy as bonus.


Halo LED high bay light is a solution with motion sensor integrated to achieve the maximum energy saving.


Ripple is a LED high bay light with super high light efficiency up to 190 lm/W.


Apolo high bay light with Philips’s top notch IP67 driver is designed for high temperature environment -30°C~+60°C, and is ideal for paper mills, smelters, refineries, etc. 80W, 110W, 150W, 180W and 220W available.

Variliear Gen II

The heat sink use aluminum-stretched technics and the lens use plastics-extrusion technics, which allow the length of them could be customized at request without extra cost.

Batwing Gen II

BatWing Gen II LED panel high bay light is with a punch-formed heat sink, particular slim and light and good heat dissipation. it’s applied to indoor area lighting such as work shop, warehouse and super market.
210lm halo-main

210lm Halo

Power range 80W - 200W and light efficiency up to 210lm/W.


Airport concourse
Metal Industry

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LED high bay light is an important part of modern industrial lighting which is widely used in manufacturing areas, warehouses, loading areas, car dealer shops, airport halls, conference centers, and food factories. It can not only orient light to the regional area but also meet lighting requirements at 8-20 meters height. The high light efficiency, energy saving, long lifespan, high CRI, and eco-friendly characteristics enable the high bay light to replace traditional 250W, 400W, 500W, and 1000W HID lamps perfectly.

LED high bay light is suitable for large open spaces with 8-20 meters height ceilings, such as warehouses, stadiums, factories, and other commercial areas. It is also widely used in high and low-temperature environments, such as steel mills, glassworks, paper mills, and refrigeration plants, etc.

We are able to provide a variety of sensor high bay lights for special applications. For example, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and 100-degree beam angles are available for lighting in large-scale and specialized areas. 130lm/w, 150lm/w, and 190lm/w light efficiency for high and low-level projects. Classic UFO Gen IV, modern Edge and linear series for different requests in appearance, etc.. Pls contact us immediately, we will satisfy you with complete solutions by making DiaLux stimulation after got your specific request.

1. Variety of beam angles available
LEDLUCKY’s industrial light provides a precision high-performance optics system with a practical light pattern for all kinds of applications. Reflector or glass/polycarbonate lens system, the needs are simple and clear: each of the optical systems delivers adequate light to the expected area and minimizes stray light.

2.Variety of efficacy choices
High-performance LED components provide a variety of efficacy choices as well as reliability in usage. LM80 report showing the light decay curve tested for at least 6,000hrs supplies database to project the lifespan of panels through TM21 table calculation.

3. Excellent heat dissipation and long lifespan
An efficient and deliberate design for heat dissipation structures integral thermal radiation fins to provide the thermal management critical to a long lifespan. It is proven to maintain the temperature difference between the solder pad of LEDs and structure within 5deg.

4.Environmental friendly and RoHS Compliant
No hazardous UV light or chemical elements are involved. China supplier LEDLUCKY’s high bay light is completely environmentally friendly.

5.Energy efficiency grade A+
Design to directly replace HID fittings, LEDLUCKY’s industrial light provides performance comparable to HID lamps with energy-saving benefits classified as A+ or better (see LEDLUCKY ERP report).

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