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LED Flood lights outdoor

LED floodlight supplied by china factory, powered from 10W to 300W, widely used for architectural lighting, landscape lighting, billboard lighting, small sports fields such as tennis courts / basketball courts / badminton courts, outdoor parking lot, tunnel, gas station , factory, etc. Multiple series of products, humanized structure design, and easy installation. There are many models in LEDLUCKY’s flood light product list, and the prices are suitable for projects, and distribution channels.

LED Flood Light Pad

Pad LED Flood Light

Pad is a light and thin low-power floodlight, cost-effective. It can be widely used in residential areas, squares, courtyards, and another landscape lighting.
Vigilant LED Flood Light

Vigilant LED Flood Light

Vigilant has an absolute competitive edge in channel low-power floodlights, which are extremely cost-effective.

Slate LED Flood Light

With die-casting crafts and three sizes for options all from flood lights China factory.
Wide range of lumen output package from 5,750lm up to 33,600lm
dob flood light-1

ECO LED Flood Light

ECO is a cost-effective series of floodlights with an IC linear solution. It is small enough which facilitates transportation and storage.

Sirius S LED Flood Light

Suitable for building exterior lighting, small and medium-sized parking lots, billboards, small and medium sports fields.
SIRIUS S flood lights supply a wide range of lumen output package from 12,000lm up to 42,000lm
sirius led flood light-1

Sirius LED Flood Light

Sirius flood lights supply the best solutions for the customer according to the different configurations.

Slim Gen II LED Flood Light

Full range selections for low lighting output requirements.
Wide range of lumen output package from 1,100lm up to 32,500lm
beacon led flood light-1

Beacon LED Flood Light

Beacon is suitable for small and medium-sized lighting areas.
Wide range of lumen output package from 9,600lm up to 33,600lm

What is the IP and IK Rating of light?

Let’s take a look at the list of IP and IK Rating (the price of flood lights is usually affected by IP and IK )

IP – Ingress Protection Rating
The First Numeral
0 Not protected
1 Protected against solid objects 50 mm in diameter or greater.
2 Protected against solid objects 12 mm in diameter or greater.
3 Protected against solid objects 2.5 mm in diameter or greater.
4 Protected against solid objects 1mm in diameter or greater.
5 Dust protected.
6 Dust-tight.

The Second Numeral
0 Not protected
1 Protected against dripping water.
2 Protected against dripping water when tilted up to 15º
3 Protected against spraying water.
4 Protected against splashing water.
5 Protected against water jets.
6 Protected against heavy seas.
7 Protected against the effects of temporary immersion.
8 Protected against continuous immersion.

IK – Impact Protection Rating
IK00 Not protected
IK01 Protected against 0.14 joules impact.
IK02 Protected against 0.2 joules impact.
IK03 Protected against 0.35 joules impact.
IK04 Protected against 0.5 joules impact.
IK05 Protected against 0.7 joules impact.
IK06 Protected against 1 joules impact.
IK07 Protected against 2 joules impact.
IK08 Protected against 5 joules impact.
IK09 Protected against 10 joules impact.
IK10 Protected against 20 joules impact.

What is the common power of LED floodlights?

The Light efficiency of LEDLUCKY lamps from 100lm/W to 140lm/W could be widely used for Outdoor architecture and indoor lighting.

Which is the best brand of outdoor commercial floodlights?

LEDLUCKY – Strong luminous efficiency, long use time, easy installation, high-cost performance.

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