Skylight S is a versatile helper when it comes to urban road lighting of any kind. Ranging from 80W to 220W with light efficiency of 135lm/W, the sufficient light output ensures to fulfill all the necessary requirements. With the one-piece formed housing with chessboard cooling fins embedded, the optimal performance of heat management is well secured. Skylight S provides tool-free access to electronic compartment with a snap fastener which could tremendously save the working time for maintenance. Moreover, the further savings is realized with optional features such as leveraging the daylight with NEMA photocell. Skylight S is an ideal option for urban road lighting, industrial park, parking lot etc..

  • Cut power automatedly with knife switch embedded.
  • Built-in 10KV surge protector,IP66 Water-Proof, built-in gradienter.
  • A built-in gradiometer assist to locate the correct orientation during installation.
  • ±15° tilt angle adjustment.
  • Smart control: 1-10V Dimming Control, DALI system, Occupancy Control.
  • Optional photocell with NEMA socket.
  • TYPE II distribution in accordance with applications with Spacing-to-Mounting-Height ratio of 3.5.
  • Watts: 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 200W.
  • High luminaires efficiency up to 135lm/W.
  • High brightness, Wide range of lumen output package from 9,720lm up to 27,000lm.

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