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LED street lighting for highway

Take the advantages of buy high efficiency LED street lights & bulbs directly from leading China LED street lighting manufacturer, LEDLUCKY offer your worry free street light fixtures and one stop street lighting solution.


Skylight X LED Street Light

Skylight X is an innovative product and newly launched by LEDLUCKY. With its aesthetic design and tool-free installation method, it has drawn huge attention after released. Adopting high quality LED chips and high light transmittance PC lens with the proper optic system, Skylight X could ensure to only illuminate wherever the light is needed。The elegant and streamlined design with smooth surface eliminate the risk of accumulation of dust and dirt in harsh environment. Up to 71% savings in energy costs compared to conventional lighting, Skylight X is an ideal option for urban road lighting, parking lot , industrial park etc..

Skylight S LED Street Light

Skylight S is a versatile helper when it comes to urban road lighting of any kind. Ranging from 80W to 220W with light efficiency of 135lm/W, the sufficient light output ensures to fulfill all the necessary requirements. With the one-piece formed housing with chessboard cooling fins embedded, the optimal performance of heat management is well secured. Skylight S provides tool-free access to electronic compartment with a snap fastener which could tremendously save the working time for maintenance. Moreover, the further savings is realized with optional features such as leveraging the daylight with NEMA photocell. Skylight S is an ideal option for urban road lighting, industrial park, parking lot etc..

Aero M LED Street Light

Aero M is introduced as a primary for urban road lighting especially retrofit projects due to the cost-effective design. With the concise design, Aero M serves the purpose of illuminating and adds the vibrate to its surroundings. Up to 62% savings in energy costs compared to conventional luminaires. It applies to outdoor area lighting such as city street, side road, park, industrial park, and country road ect..

What are the led street light accessories?

Tool-free access to electronic compartment with a snap fastener.
Built-in surge protector.
Cut power automatedly with knife switch embedded.
Built-in connectors allow easy and fast maintenance.
A built-in gradiometer assist
Built-in gradienter.

What are the advantages of LED street lights compared to traditional street lights?

1. Luminous efficiency, LED street light luminaires efficiency up to 150lm/W.
2. Power consumption, LED street light: 50-150W, traditional street light: 250-500W
3. LED street light do not contain lead or mercury elements, no pollution to the environment
4. Light distribution design, LED street light lighting is uniform and no glare, traditional lamps are flooded, resulting in light waste
5. Modular design, LED street light support quickly installation.
6. LED street light is equipped with a proprietary heat dissipation module with low temperature, and the temperature of traditional lamps is high which is easy to cause rapid aging of the lamps
7. LED street light’ voltage is more stable.
8. LED street light with lighter weight.
9. LED street lights can be activated after power on, and the traditional light is delay activated.
10. Safety, LED street light has stronger impact resistance and no radiation.
11. LED street light‘s color temperature and color rendering index are better than traditional street lights.
12. Lifetime, LED street lights can reach more than 50,000 hours of work.
13. LED street lights can use electricity, solar energy, wind energy, traditional street lights rely on electricity.