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Street lights play a huge role in every city, town, and smaller dwelling. It helps ensure that people can go outside of their homes at night and drive safely without getting involved in an accident. In fact, street lights are the first things that are installed when a new area is constructed along with roads. It is not advised to overlook street lights. They are extremely important. Hence, it is important that the right street lights are used for the desired location. Read this street lights guide which is from China lamp manufacturer/supplier learn how to make the right choice.

1. The Importance of LED Street Lights

As you might have already gotten an idea by now, the importance of LED street lights cannot be stressed enough. It is impossible to imagine a road without street lights. The following reasons help highlight just how important street lights are.

1.1 Provide Lighting to Passersby and Traffic Transportation

One of the main reasons why street light is essential is because it helps provide lighting to passersby and traffic transportation. Without proper street lighting, passersby would be afraid of venturing outside at night and there would be a huge amount of traffic along with accidents. People would simply not know where to drive which would only create a hazard at night. In fact, nobody would want to go outside once it gets dark as they would be unable to walk on the streets. Similarly, driving a car would be extremely difficult as car drivers would only be able to rely on their car lights. They would not be able to see what is in front of them. This would only cause a lot more trouble.

1.2 Crime Reduction or Prevention

Another main reason why street lights are so important is that they help reduce and prevent crime. When there is sufficient lighting in an area, criminals would be less likely to steal or commit any other form of crime. In the absence of sufficient lighting, they would wreak havoc. It would be easier for them to break in and steal. To avoid this from happening, street lighting is necessary. When criminals see that everything is visible due to the lighting, they would be discouraged to cause any harm. This would help prevent and reduce crime altogether. Hence, street lights are very important.

2. Common Street Light Areas

Street lights are just about everywhere you go. You are bound to come across them. Whether you leave your home and walk on the sidewalk or drive across the country, you will find street lights illuminating the way. This shows just how crucial they are. The following are some of the common street light areas.

2.1 City Streets

One of the most important areas where you will find street lights in the city. Street lights are also known as city lights. City streets need to be kept illuminated to ensure everything goes smoothly. Thus, they require street lighting. The street lighting can be decorated to represent the style of the city. City streets that are illuminated ensure a safe flow of transportation and allow people to walk on the streets to admire the city and go about their business.


2.2 Industrial Park

Another common area where you will find street lights is the industrial park. Just about every industry park has street lights. The street lights allow industrial workers to carry on no matter the time of the day and the visibility of the sun. With street lights installed, the workers can perform their work without having to worry about any visibility issues. Industrial parks require strong illumination so that there is no disturbance to the work.

2.3 Country Roads

Country roads are also an area where you will find street lights. These roads allow people to drive one part of the country to the next. To ensure that there is no trouble for people to drive across the country and for companies to benefit from the easy flow of goods, country roads need to be illuminated. This is only possible with the help of street lights which perfectly illuminate the entirety of the country roads so that drivers can safely drive around the country without any issues.

2.4 Scenic Roads

Next, scenic roads require street lights as well. To see the true beauty of scenic roads during the night or times of low visibility, street lights are needed. They illuminate the scenic roads and ensure that they look their best. There is nothing more beautiful than fully illuminated scenic roads. People can go for a long drive along the scenic roads thanks to street lights that perfectly illuminate the area. There is no better option for illuminating the scenic roads.

2.5 Parking Lot, Airport, Port

Finally, parking lots, airports, and ports need street lights to ensure that people have no trouble parking their cars and driving along with those areas. The airport needs strong lighting so that pilots can safely land the airplane. The same goes for ports where captains need to dock the ships. With the help of street lights, it is possible to keep the areas illuminated for maximum convenience. Street lights are a true necessity when it comes to lighting an area.

3. How to Choose Good Street Lights?

Before you decide to get good street lights from LEDLUCKY, it is important that you know how to choose good street lights. As this is the ultimate guide to street lights, it takes a close look at some of the most important things that need to be considered when in the market for street lights. They will help you make the right choice.

3.1 High Power

The first thing that you need to consider when in the market for street lights is high power. Since installing street lights costs money, it is important that you do it right by getting street lights that offer high power. As it can get very dark at night or when there is low visibility, you need to get street lights that provide perfect illumination. Otherwise, accidents would occur and crime would become more prevalent.

3.2 The Material Is Strong And Durable

Next, you need to get street lights that are made of strong and durable material. Since street lights will be placed out in the open throughout their life, they have to be made using the best material. Otherwise, they would easily get worn out and you would need to get them replaced more often.

3.3 Low Glare

An important factor that you cannot overlook when getting street lights is low glare. You need to get street lights that have a low glare. On the other hand, if you get street lights that do not have a low glare, they would end up causing accidents as drivers would be unable to see properly. Therefore, it is important that you get street lights that offer a low glare. You will find them to be useful and the perfect option for you.

3.4 High IP-Rating (≥IP65)

Since street lights are placed outdoors, you need to get ones that have at least an IP rating of IP43 or IP65. It is the standard as it ensures protection against liquids and solids in electrical enclosures. The IP rating shows that the lighting would be well protected from moisture and dirt. A high IP rating would also protect the lighting from spraying water and rain. It will help provide much-needed durability. Hence, you cannot get anything less.

3.5 Dust Is Not Easy To Accumulate, Which Is Good For Heat Dissipation

In addition to the above, you also require street lights that do not allow dust to easily accumulate. If the street lights fail to prevent dust accumulation, the street lights would heat up and stop working. You need to get street lights that are good at heat dissipation.

3.6 With Intelligent Control System

An intelligent control system has become a necessity when it market for street lights. LEDLUCKY offers the best street lights that have an intelligent control system. You can use the system for operating the lights remotely and more. With an intelligent control system, you get more done from the street lights. It does not get better than this. Learn more about the system such as its capabilities. You need a system that allows you to control the street lights remotely.

3.7 Adjustable Tilt Angle

Finally, you need to get street lights that have an adjustable tile angle. It will help ensure that the direction of the lighting can be changed without any trouble. An adjustable tile tangle is extremely important if you want the street lights to function properly. If there is no adjustable tilt angle, you will find the street lights to be ineffective.

4. Conclusion

LEDLUCKY lighting manufacturer supplies street lamps by own factory.

Once you have finished reading this guide, you will come to know everything there is to know about street lights. It is crucial that you get street lights from a reputable brand like LEDLUCKY. It will allow you to sit back and relax as the products come with a warranty and are extremely durable. Getting the best street lights will pay back in dividends.

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