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Ceiling lights play a major role in our lives. They help ensure that the space is properly illuminated. With proper ceiling light, you get to ensure that your property has perfect lighting for performing a variety of tasks, from studying to cooking to sleeping. This ultimate guide to ceiling lights aims to provide you with all the information that you need about ceiling lights. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1.Ceiling Lights for Households


The first part of the guide covers ceiling lights for households. The type of experience you have at home is influenced by the household lighting design. It impacts your day-to-day activities at home. Create the perfect atmosphere for a family environment and work from home with the proper lighting. Here are the different types of considerations for household ceiling lights.

1.1 Bedroom – Avoid Installing Directly Above the Bed To Prevent Glare. Choose a Color Temperature Below 3000k to Help You Fall Asleep

The bedroom is a sacred space. It is where you head to in order to fall asleep and call it a day. If your bedroom does not have proper lighting, you would struggle to fall asleep and would be unable to get sufficient rest. Since the bedroom is a space for rest, you need to go with soft lighting that does not have any glare. It should be conducive to sleep. Therefore, it is best that you opt for LED ceiling lights that are not too bright. You would also require a wall lamp near the dresser and one beside the bedside table. Always go for a color temperature below 3000K to ensure that you fall asleep easily.

1.2 Kitchen – The Light Should Be Concentrated On the Stove and Sink for Cooking and Cleaning

Next, you have to think about ceiling lights for the kitchen. The kitchen is one of those spaces where you need good lighting to take care of all your cooking needs. The light should be concentrated above the stove and sink so that you can easily cook and clean the space. It will help create a quiet and focused environment where you get things done. You must go with a warm color LED lamp to remain focused.

1.3 Living Room-The Living Room Has the Largest Area, So It Needs the Brightest Light

The living room is an important room as it is where you spend a major chunk of your free time. You might work in the living room, watch Netflix series, study for your exams, and just relax. The first room that you come across when you enter a property is the living room. Therefore, it needs to have the best lighting. Go for ceiling lights that are beautiful, practical, and bright. Get a bright LED chandelier, some auxiliary lighting, and invisible LED spotlights to create the perfect space.


1.4 Bathroom – The Bathroom Has a Lot of Water Vapour and Small Space, So You Need To Pay Attention to the Waterproof and Installation Height of the Light

In addition to the above, you cannot forget about the bathroom. You need to go with bathroom ceiling lighting that is able to withstand a lot of water vapor and does not get easily damaged. LEDLUCKY offers bathroom ceiling lighting that is made to last. Waterproofing and proper installation height are necessary for the best experience.

2.Precautions for Office Ceiling Lights

Besides household ceiling lights, you might also require office ceiling lights. Here are some of the precautions that you need to take into account when on the lookout for office ceiling lights.

2.1 Ideal Color Temperature – 5000K to 7000K, Make People Concentrate on Work

The first thing that you have to consider when getting office ceiling lights is the color temperature of the lights. You have to go for a color temperature in the range of 5000K and 7000K. You cannot get a softer color temperature as it would prevent employees from concentrating on their work. Whether you require the lighting in an office setting or even a warehouse, you should always go for a color temperature that allows one to concentrate on their work.

2.2 Less Glare – Glare Hurts the Eyes, Prismatic Lens Ceiling Lights Can Solve This Problem

Next, you have to get office ceiling lighting that does not have much glare. Otherwise, it would hurt everyone’s eyes and prevent employees from getting done with their work. Get ceiling lights that have prismatic lenses. It will help solve the problem in no time. As there would be decreased glare, you will also get to ensure that the dark shadowy corners of the space are also equally lit. This is why TL lighting casts are a great option. They help spread and diffuse the light. By spilling the light evenly across space, the possibility of glare hurting your eyes is minimized.


2.3 Energy Saving – Ceiling Lights Can Save 50% Energy Consumption

In addition to the above, you should look for energy-saving office ceiling lights. To cut down on your energy consumption by as much as half, you have no option but to get energy-saving ceiling lights. They also help you reduce your carbon footprint and benefit from a decreased energy bill. It does not get better than this. Energy-saving ceiling lights should always be on the top of your mind. They help you save energy and offer the best lighting option.

2.4 Lifetime of the Light Source – The Office Needs Long-Term Lighting, the Ceiling Lights Have Good Heat Dissipation and Long Life

Finally, you require office ceiling lights that last a long time. The last thing you want is to have to replace the lighting early on. You need to get ceiling lights from a reputable brand like LEDLUCKY to ensure that the lighting lasts a lifetime. It offers long-term lighting. Look for ceiling lights that offer efficient heat dissipation. It would ensure that your lighting does not stop working all of a sudden or gets damaged when operating for a long time.

3.Advantages of LEDLUCKY’s Ceiling lights

LEDLUCKY is a world-famous provider of all types of lightings including ceiling lights. Its ceiling lights will impress you beyond anything. The following advantages of its ceiling lights will convince you to make a purchase.

3.1 Featured With a Minimum Thickness of 10cm, Which Means It Is Very Convenient To Disassemble and Assemble

One of the best things about ceiling lights by LEDLUCKY is that they feature a minimum thickness of 10cm. This makes the lighting very easy to assemble and disassemble. You should have no trouble assembling and dissembling the lights as they are super easy to work with. They offer the perfect amount of thickness for tackling all types of work.

3.2 Standard Fire Rating-UL94V-2, Reducing Potential Safety Risks

Another great thing about LEDLUCKY ceiling lights is that they have a standard fire rating of UL84V-2. It is a rating that only a few companies have managed to receive. This should be reason enough to get ceiling lights from LEDLUCKY. The LED ceiling lights help reduce potential safety risks and easily last a lifetime. Hence, you will find them to be just what you need.

3.3 Light Effect-140 lm/w, Uniform and Bright Light, Suitable For Various Occasions

If the above reasons did not convince you to get LEDLUCKY ceiling lights, the fact that the lights offer a light effect of 140 lm/w shows that the lighting is very bright and barely uses much energy for providing illumination. It also ensures uniformity. You will find the lights to be suitable for a wide range of occasions. They are the lights that you need to stock up on. You have to give the lights a try to experience their glory firsthand. Boasting a light effect of 140 lm/w is a huge accomplishment. Hence, you have to consider getting the ceiling lights for your home or office.


3.4 A Variety of Customizable Control Systems-Dali, Zigbee, Motion Sensors, Microwave Sensors, Daylight Harvesting Sensors, etc.

Finally, to prove that LEDLUCKY is part of the big leagues, it also offers a variety of customizable control systems such as Dali, Zigbee, Motion Sensors, Microwave Sensors, Daylight Harvesting Sensors, and more. This clearly shows that it is a common that is ahead of its time. By purchasing from LEDLUCKY, you get to ensure that you purchase ceiling lighting from a brand that provides all types of lighting options. Its customizable control systems allow you to get more out of your purchases. From setting harvesting sensors to ensuring that there is sufficient lighting whenever you walk into space, you will find the LEDLUCKY ceiling lights and their customizable control systems to be the perfect option.


After you have finished reading our guide to ceiling lights, you would know everything about ceiling lighting for both households and offices. It is important that you follow our advice for the best advice. It will help ensure that you benefit from the best outcome. Make sure to get your ceiling lights from a reputable brand like LEDLUCKY. It will ensure that you benefit from the advantages mentioned above.

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