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LED outdoor high light efficiency stadium&soport light supplied by china LEDLUCKY manufacturer with simple appearance, stable structure, multiple light distribution such as symmetric small beam angles of 9 °, 15 °, 30 °, etc., and asymmetric beam angles available, can be selected for a variety of stadiums, training grounds, large outdoor parking fields, airports, shipyards, civic plazas, etc. The power range is from 75W to 1500W, which can be easily used for replacing different traditional lamps. Low maintenance cost and efficient for energy saving.

Alpha LED Stadium Light

A high light efficiency outdoor stadium light with high Cost-Effective.
Wide range of lumen output package from 36,000lm up to 217,500lm.

ArenaSharp S LED Stadium Light

1500w light-weight level outdoor led sports light.
Wide range of lumen output package from 45,000lm up to 225,000lm

ArenaSharp E LED Stadium Light

The stadium light specially designed supplied for the professional and recreational sports pitch.
Wide range of lumen output package from 57,600lm up to 319,000lm

ArenaLit Gen II LED Stadium Light

Designed by series for large-scale stadium lighting, including 450W, 600W, and 800W.
Wide range of lumen output package from 58,500lm up to 120,000lm
arenasharp led stadium light-1

ArenaSharp LED Stadium Light

Professional stadium lighting fixture which is ideal to be installed on the race track for a large stadium.
Wide range of lumen output package from 57,600lm up to 159,500lm
arenapro led stadium light-1

ArenaPro LED Stadium Light

Modular stadium light. The power for the single module is 300W, up to 1500W for the option.
Wide range of lumen output package from 30,000lm up to 240,000lm
agility led stadium light

Agility LED Stadium Light

A versatile modular stadium light produced directly by the manufacturer with 100W per module, Its maximum power can reach 600W.
Wide range of lumen output package from 10,000lm up to 135,500lm
variflood gen II led stadium light-1

VariFlood GEN II LED Stadium Light

Power range 150W - 600W. Each module can work independently which is good for maintenance.
Wide range of lumen output package from 9,375lm up to 87,000lm

What is led stadium light?

LED stadium light is used inefficient lighting solutions for various sports applications, they can replace from 400W to 2000W traditional lamps like metal halide lamps and HPS stadium lamps. Led stadium lights can be widely used in football fields, basketball courts, rugby fields, tennis courts, racetracks, cricket pitches, baseball fields, and hockey courts, etc., with its Long lifespan, energy efficiency, dimmable, and instant switches functions, etc. Please contact LEDLUCKY if you have stadium projects.

Advantages of LEDLUCKY led stadium lights

1. Light Weight

The sophisticated design on thermal management combining with the utilization of cutting edge technology allows the led stadium light to feature compact size and lightweight in favor of labor cost reduction without compromise on heat dissipation ability.

2. Robust Structure

A single one-piece formed heat sink is employed high purity aluminum either with die-casting or cold forging craft ensures robust structure with zero damage or corrosion risk. The reinforced bracket and arm are designed and tested in accordance with a strict standard that allows the led stadium lights to withstand a violent storm.

3. High-level Ingress and Impact Protection

Sealed and gasketed for IP66 barrier of protection to prevents dirt from surroundings and PC lens or tempered glass provides adequate protection against impact, both of which allow outdoor stadium led lights being used for harsh outdoor/ wet Applications.

4. Remarkable Payback

Thanks to the effort of LEDLUCKY engineer’s trying different combinations to achieve a higher efficacy, our stadium led lights are designed to reach the limit of energy-saving for direct retrofit of conventional HID lights, which allows a fast and remarkable payback.

How to choose the stadium lights?

1. Choose high quality LED chips and drivers

High quality LED chips and drivers can provide high luminous efficiency and with very low failure rates. We recommend you choose the stadium lights with high quality LED chips and drivers.

2. Choose the proper beam angles

Different beam angles are for different installation places. For example, the wider beam angle is uniform but with lower brightness on the ground, so it is suitable for small venues with a lower height. While the smaller beam angle is with lower uniformity but more brightness on the ground, so better for higher installation places.  So in order to meet the different stadium lighting requirements, commonly we recommend using two types of beam angles together.  LEDLUCKY’s stadium lights are available in 9°, 15°, and 30° beam angles. Pls tell us your specific requirements and we can provide you a complete solution.

3.IP rating and surge protection rating

As we all known, sport lights are mostly installed outdoors, so they can be very easily affected by water and moisture. And at the same time, as the stadium lamps are mostly used among 8-35m height places, so the thunderstorm weather can also affect the lamps. While in LEDLUCKY’s, our stadium lights are with IP66 and 10KV surging protection which can avoid these.  In addition, the detachable design of the power supply makes the lamp better maintained and can protect the driver to work stability.

4.Good heat dissipation performance

Good heat dissipation can extend the lifespan of the LED stadium lights. The high-quality heat-dissipating materials and excellent heat dissipation system can prevent the lamp from overheating and damage, thus reducing the failure rate and saving maintenance costs.


The CRI (color rendering index) refers to the degree of the color display under the sunlight source. The higher the color rendering index, the better the color rendering capability of the LED stadium lights. In general sports lighting, the color rendering index is 80. But in the high standard broadcast event, the color rendering index should be 90.

6.Glare Rating (GR)

GR is very important in sports lighting. If the GR is too high, the players will feel uncomfortable. For example, they may not see the fast-moving ball. LEDLUCKY’s stadium lights have an excellent lens, combined with DiaLux simulation to minimize glare in critical areas. You can contact us by email if you need it.

LEDLUCKY LED outdoor high light efficiency stadium sports light supplied by our own manufacturer could meet your need directly.