78pcs Arenapro in Kaunas Sports Hall

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LED stadium Light



Kaunas Sports Hall in Kaunas, Lithuania

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In Feb. 20, 2020, customer sent us an inquiry about our stadium light, and he preferred our Arenapro, his requirements mostly can be met except light efficiency and delivery time. For efficiency, we checked some other solutions and found that the present one is the best, customer accepted but demanded that all the 78pcs lights need to be finished in 1 month, to guarantee the best delivery time, we continually negotiated with suppliers of materials, but it still needs 30 working days. In the meantime, we sent our testing reports and pictures used in other big projects to make customer more confident of our Arenapro. After all the efforts, finally in March 17,2020, our customer accepted all the terms and confirmed order, and we finished this project successfully.

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