Agility LED Stadium Light for Germany Sports Lighting Project

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Agility LED Stadium Light

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We get an inquiry from Michael through LEDLucky’s Alibaba website, he is engaged in a sports lighting project in Germany: Newly built indoor standard tennis court requires high-efficiency lighting, and the installation height is 10M

After talking with the customer, we learned about the data and requirements of the tennis court, and our engineer did the DIAlux simulation according the the actual situation of the tennis court, and determined the final project plan: using 80pcs 200W Agility LED sports light, Philip SMD5050 LEDs, 5700K, Philip 220-240VAC Driver, A34(polarization 50°) optics, RA70, lighting efficiency up to 150lm/W, aluminum shell, black coating, non-dimmable. Because tennis court does not have light poles, we provide them Equipped with a “U”-shaped mounting bracket, considering that there are many thunderstorms in the customer’s area, we equipped them with surge protectors, wire protectors, and provided them with a 5-year warranty period.

The customer was very satisfied with our plan and paid the payment in time. We also delivered the goods on the agreed time. During the installation process of the customer, we kept in touch all the time, and finally completed the project within 3 months. Michael is very satisfied with the lighting effects we provided, as well as our technical support and team work, we are discussing another project which will adopts about 1000pcs 450w Agility LED stadium light for his future project

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