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Do you want to upgrade the lighting of your badminton court? Having a difficult time illuminating the badminton court? Badminton is the second most popular sport after soccer. This non-contact sport is perfect for all ability levels and ages. It can be played both indoors and outdoors.

One of the most important aspects of a badminton court is luminaire. Lighting in a badminton court has a vital role to play. It should not only be bright to illuminate the space, but brightness should be enough to enable people and players to see everything in the stadium.

If the badminton court lighting is insufficient, the players and spectator might have a hard time seeing what is happening. There are plenty of factors you need to consider when choosing the right lighting for the court.

In this post, you can find a guide to badminton court lighting.

Size of Badminton Court

The first thing you must consider is the size of the badminton court. It is crucial for the court to have definite boundaries. The court line must be 40mm wide. Probably, the color of the court line is white; however, other colors can be used that are easy to distinguish like yellow. In addition, within 12 meters above the court, there should be no obstacle and 2 meters around the court as well.

When it comes to the lighting of the court, an important thing to keep in mind is that badminton is, usually, played in the dark atmosphere. For the success of the game, the lights above the court are imperative. Installing proper lighting will make athletes confident.

If there are reflective surfaces, it will prevent the players to properly hit the ball when they look at the ceiling or wall. Moreover, the natural light can also cause interference. To avoid this interference, it is recommended to hang curtains. The walls in a badminton hall must be dark.


There are two types of lightings that can be used for the lighting design and setting: led linear high bay lights and led flood lights. The light intensity should range from 400 to 500 lux. On the other hand, the lamp is positioned parallel to the sideline of the court.

Lighting Design of Badminton Court

When installing lights in a badminton court, you have to make sure it is according to the standard lighting design. The lighting in indoor courts must be like natural light. It should have pure color and the right brightness.

You have to make sure the lights are not fluctuating. It must be stable and smooth; there should be no stroboscopic effect. Ensure the lights do not produce glare. Furthermore, you must focus on flight trajectory. It is advised to make sure there is no ghosting and no tailing. The air positioning has to accurate and true. In proper lighting, the players must be able to play the ball stably and accurately. The lighting must not cause any fatigue or discomfort to the vision of the players.

Since there is no one lighting design that fits all the badminton courts, you have to hire professional help to determine the badminton court lighting layout. You might have to consider certain factors like the level of the players, investment, and other economic and technical factors. The lighting distribution should be able to increase lighting efficiency and improve light utilization.

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Lighting Standard for Brightening Up Professional Badminton Court

A professional badminton court is essential for playing the sport. The court must have all the equipment required for playing badminton. Without a doubt, lighting is also just as important as other equipment.

It can be confusing to know what is consider good lighting. Don’t worry, here are the lighting standard to help you have appropriate badminton court lighting.

1. Requirements

According to the lighting standard, good lighting provides the right brightness and uniform light. The court light must also have 3D sense, no glare, and right ideal color. Since the match will be played at a professional level, the lighting must provide a clear vision for athletes, spectators, and referees. It should make it easy to see everything happening on the court. The lighting requirement should make sure good television coverage is provided.

According to the lighting requirement, the color of clothing, objects, buildings, state of the players, the shape and size of the athletes, and the atmosphere of the court can be seen without any trouble.

2. Glare

Another factor that you need to consider is the glare of the light. In simple words, glare is the visual condition that can irritate the eyes and decrease visibility. This is because of unsuitable brightness and light distribution. Brightness causes problems for players as the human eye cannot adjust to extreme brightness. When the lighting effect is not right, it will prevent the players from properly determining the falling point of the ball.

For preventing glare, the angel of the lowest point of light in the court must be greater than 45 degrees. Usually, indoor glares are caused by reflective surfaces. It is advised to add baffles and grilles to the light for decreasing glare.

3. Uniformity

To measure the uniformity of the badminton court lighting, the ratio of maximum lighting value and minimum lighting value must be considered. Irrespective of the type of badminton court, the lighting requirements are extremely high.

If there is excessive light in the court, it will produce more glare. In case the light levels are weak, it will make it challenging to see. Hence, it is important the light must be uniform so everyone can enjoy the match.

4. Distribution

The light distribution is another factor that you have to focus on. The light distribution is even and focused on the competition and viewing area. You have to keep in mind that the movement of the players is not just limited to the ground field. So, the vertical light should also be considered. Otherwise, it will adversely impact the ability of the players.

What Types of Lighting Lamps Are Used for Illuminating Badminton Court?

There are different types of lighting that are used in the stadiums. However, mostly, gold halogen lamps are widely used in badminton courts. The problem with these lights is that it requires preheating and consumes more power. To overcome the issues with Gold halogen lamps, you can use LED lights.

For a long time, LED lights were not considered as a top choice for lighting up sports stadiums. Previously, the light with 70 lm/W was more than enough to efficiently light up the court. Nowadays, you need more than 100 lm/W to brighten up space.

Another problem with the traditional lights was dazzling. Thanks to technological advancement, the lighting design is improved, making the light softer. Additionally, you have to focus on the CRI of the light. The light must have high CRI as it has the ability to produce the true color of the objects.

It is also important to focus on the color temperature. You must choose a color temperature depending on your location.

As far as the placement of lights is concerned, you have to carefully plan it. You must hire a professional lighting engineer to know how to install the light in a stadium. For instance, in a stadium where amateur matches are played, lights might be installed on both sides. There will be vertical rows of lights, 3 to 4 lights on each side. Nonetheless, you cannot install lights on the sides in professional competitions. For such competitions, it is advised to use overhead lights.

For more information regarding the placement of badminton lighting, you can contact the experts of LEDLUCKY.

Impact of Lighting Design of Badminton Court

Having proper lighting design is critical for a badminton court. The lighting of the court will have a direct impact on the performance of the players.

For instance, there are 8 standard badminton courts with 12 meters of stadium height. According to the standard lighting design, 1200 lux is required for TV broadcast. The proper lighting, in this case, will be dividing the lights into 3 lines. In this way, there will be fewer lines and lights are arranged in a way that natural light is provided to the players. The lighting design will ensure the light doesn’t have an influence on the players.

In case, lights are divided into 5 lines. Then, lights will be arranged in more lines, providing more uniform light for the players.


We hope this guide will help you have proper lighting for your badminton court. LED badminton court lighting is perfect for illuminating the space evenly. It will help in saving costs on energy bills as less power will be consumed. For buying quality LED lights, explore the wide collection of LEDLUCKY.

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