LED Linear High Bay

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LEDLUCKY supply a variety of LED linear high bay lights in different shapes, sizes, wattage, efficiency, LEDs for high end aisles or high ceiling lighting.


VariLinear Gen II LED Linear High Bay Light

VariLinear Gen II LED linear high bay light could be used in warehouse, corridor, indoor parking lot, shopping mall and exhibition hall. The heat sink use aluminum-stretched technics and the lens use plastics-extrusion technics, which allow the length of them could be customized at request without extra cost.

BatWing Gen II LED Panel High Bay Light

BatWing Gen II LED panel high bay light is with a punch-formed heat sink, particular slim and light and good heat dissipation. it’s applied to indoor area lighting such as work shop, warehouse and super market.

What color temperature should shop lights be?

3500K – 4500K. This is more a neutral white light range, giving a balance between warm and soft color light.
Best suited for use in warehouse, indoor parking lot, shopping mall, or other areas where high detail visibility is important.

How do I choose linear high bay LED lights?

LED high bay light application all depends on the space you’re trying to light. These places usually require efficient lighting.
LEDLUCKY LED LINEAR HIGH BAY LIGHT power watts up to 200w and light efficiency up to 140lm/W.

How many LED linear high bay lights do I need?

You have to think through lots of options. Number of fixtures, brightness, height, light angle, where you can actually run wiring, etc.
You can get a detailed lighting design plan from us [email protected].