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Are you a distributor or importer of LED lights? Then, you have come to the right place. It can be difficult to determine the right height for lighting. A common mistake that most people make is thinking that lighting that is high is good. However, it could not be further from the truth. In reality, lighting needs to be lower than you think to ensure that there is sufficient illumination. Otherwise, you would not get to reap the benefits of the light. This guide aims to provide you with all the information you need about light height. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.

1.The Effects of Too High Light Height


To better understand the light height and how high the lighting should be, you need to know about the effects of too-high lighting. It will allow you to determine the correct height.

1.1 Insufficient Illumination, Lack of Clear Lighting

  • One of the effects of too high light height is insufficient illumination. When the lighting is too high, it would not be possible for sufficient illumination to be provided. In fact, there would be a lack of clear lighting. This would prevent one from getting work done. Without enough light, it is almost impossible to carry out certain tasks that require focus like reading.

1.2 Difficult to Clean and Maintain

  • If the lights are too high, you would experience difficulty cleaning and maintaining them. You would need to get a ladder to clean the lighting and replace it from time to time. This would otherwise be avoided if you place the lighting at a reasonable height.

1.3 Higher Fall Damage

  • In addition to the above, if the lighting has a high height, it would get even more damaged in case it falls. It would not be the case if the lighting is placed at the right height. Therefore, you should avoid placing the lighting very high. It would end up costing you.

2.The Effects of Too Lower Light Height

Similar to very high light height, too low light height also some disadvantages as mentioned below.

2.1 It Will Produce Stronger Glare and Make People Uncomfortable

  • When the lighting is placed very low, it would easily produce a much stronger glare. Thus, it would make people highly uncomfortable. They would struggle to perform their work and would not know how to move about. A strong glare is something that should be avoided at all costs as it can even increase the occurrence of accidents.

2.2 Will Take Up More Space

  • On the other hand, if you place the lights too low, they would end up taking up more space. You would need to make way for the lighting. It is something that you have to consider if you want to place the lights too low. You will quickly realize just how much space the lights can take when you place them very low.

2.3 Easy To Be Touched and Cause Damage

  • As the lights would be very low, they would be easy to touch and damage. If you plan on importing the LED lights from LEDLUCKY for customers who have kids, you need to be aware of the height of the lights. If you suggest they place the lighting too low, their kids or just about anyone would be able to easily touch the lighting. Thus, they would have no trouble causing damage to the lighting.

2.4 Easy to Get an Electric Shock (Especially In Humid Places)

  • Another reason why the lighting should be placed at the right height and not too low is that it would make it easy to get an electric shock, especially in humid places. The truth is that humidity and low lighting are a recipe for disaster. Anyone who touches the light would get an electric shock. Besides, it would take a toll on the performance of the lighting. Hence, you cannot place the lighting too low for anyone to reach.

3.What Factors Affect The Height Of The Light?

There are various factors that affect the height of the light. Understanding these factors will ensure that you can import the right lighting and provide your clients with the information they need to make an informed decision. Besides, it is important for you to have crucial information. It will only make your life a whole lot easier as you would know what to expect. The factors that affect the height of the light are mentioned below.

3.1 Types of Lights – Sports Lights, Floodlights, Panel Lights, Etc., All Have Different Installation Heights

The first thing that you need to consider when considering the height of the light is the type of light that you want to get. Sports lights, floodlights, and panel lights are just some of the different types of lights that have different installation heights. Sports lights are installed at the highest location, whereas, panel lights are installed at a somewhat lower location. As for floodlights, they are installed at around 16 to 20 feet. Panel lights can be installed at a height that is a lot less than that.


3.2 Installation Area – Indoor LED Lights Are Usually Installed Lower, and Outdoor Lamps Are Higher

Next, you also have to think about the installation area. The lights would either be installed indoors or outdoors. For instance, if you want to order indoor LED lights from LEDLUCKY, you would need to install them at a much lower height in comparison to outdoor lamps which would be installed at a much higher height. It is just as simple as that.

3.3 Functions – Different From Ordinary Lamps, the Plant Light Needs to Be As Close To the Plant as Possible

Now, you also have to think about the functions when installing LED lights. LEDLUCKY offers lights that serve a variety of functions. If you get an ordinary lamp, it would be placed at a much higher height in comparison to plant lights which would be placed much closer to the plant. You might require lighting for clients such as schools, residential blocks, or commercial premises. Each would require different functions from the lights which would influence the height of the lights.

3.4 Power – If the Power of the Lamp Is High Enough, the Lamp Can Output Enough Light in a Higher Place

When placing the lights, you also need to take the power offered by the light into account. It is something that you cannot overlook. If the lamp provides a huge amount of power, it should be capable of offering enough height even if you place it at a much higher location.
On the other hand, if it is unable to provide enough power, you would need to place it at a lower height. The rule applies to all types of lights. You have to think about the power when considering the height of the light. There are different types of lights and each light has a different power. Some of the lightings are designed to provide a lot of power such as sports lights and floodlights. This means that you should be able to place these lights at a much higher height in comparison to plant lights which do not offer as much power and are meant to be placed at a much lower height.

3.5 Quantity – Too Few Lights Will Limit the Installation Height of Lights

Finally, you also have to consider the quantity of the lighting. The more lights you place the higher you can place the lighting. Similarly, if you place fewer lights, you would need to place them lower. The reason behind this is that fewer lights would limit the total amount of lumen produced in an area. Hence, you would need to place them lower to make the most of them. If you order plenty of LED lights from LEDLUCKY, you would be able to place them higher and ensure sufficient lighting is offered. The good news is that the company is known for its powerful lighting. Even if you order a few LED lamps, you should still be able to get sufficient illumination. This is not something that you can expect from other companies.


Being an importer or distributor of LED lights is not an easy task. There is a lot that you need to consider and know about as your customers are likely to depend on you for making decisions. After you have gone over our ultimate guide to light height, you will gain a better understanding of light height. Although it can be a bit frustrating to get a hang of light height, it will prove beneficial once you gain a better hand over it. In fact, it will make your life a whole lot easier as you would no longer place the lights too high or too low. Take advantage of the information shared above to ensure that you get to import the right light for the right height from a brand like LEDLUCKY.

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