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LED high bay lights have become the talk of the town. Everyone wants to get their hands on the lighting. If you are considering getting LED high bay lights and have been searching for high bay lights price list, you have come to the right place as this guide aims to provide you all the information that you can possibly desire. The role of LED high bay lighting is considerable. They provide better illumination consume less energy. You can easily find LED high bay lights in just about every design and style.

What Are The Cost Advantages of LEDLUCKY High Bay Lights?

LEDLUCKY is the leading producer of all types of high bay lights, from dimmable high bay lights to energy-saving high bay lights. Check out their high bay lights price list to understand just how cost-efficient the company is. When you purchase LEDLUCKY high bay lights, you can expect the following benefits.

1.Lighting Solution

The main reason why LEDLUCKY has become the ultimate choice for high bay lights is that it provides customized lighting solutions to its clients. No matter what your needs might be, you can rest assured that the company will produce the energy-saving high bay lights or dimmable high bay lights that you require. The lighting solution is unlike any other as you get completely customized LED high bay lights.

1.1 Professional R&D Team and the Perfect Testing Equipment

LEDLUCKY has a professional R&D team and the perfect testing equipment. Innovation is at the heart of the company. It strives to offer the best technology to its clients. As you browse through their high bay lights price list, you will come to know that it puts in the work to provide its clients with the lighting solutions they require. The company has extensive experience and has a dedicated R&D department that stays on top of market demand. Only after conducting research has LEDLUCLY developed a wide range of energy-saving high bay lights and dimmable high bay lights.

1.2 Scene Lighting Design – Helps Quickly Match Suitable Products

If you want LED high bay lights that help create the right scene, LEDLUCKY has got you covered. It is an expert in scene lighting design. Enhance the functionality and beauty of your commercial premises with the best high bay lights from LEDLUCKY. The company will help you with light placement, bulbs, and shades so that you get to achieve the desired effect. It employs illumination designers who carefully choose the best lighting for your space.
Whether you require LED high bay lights for your warehouse, retail space, or any other type of space, you will find the scene lighting design option to be just what you need. It aims to provide you with the best lighting design so that you can achieve the results that you are looking for. If you hire an interior lighting designer, you would need to pay around $75 to $150 an hour. For example, if you are trying to cover an area of 70m into 42m with a ceiling height of 42m and you want to achieve an average of 100 lux, you must install about 3600 watts which would cost you anywhere from $3,900 to $4,500.


Low-Cost High Bay Lights And Accessories
When it comes to low-cost high bay lights and accessories, LEDLUCKY is the only name that you need to know. To determine the cost of the high bay lights and accessories, you have to consider the following.

Control Over Production
When getting high bay lights, the cost is influenced by control overproduction. You will want to go with a schedule which suits you.

Lead Time
Next, the lead time also has to be considered. The shorter the lead time the greater the cost. You must prioritize the work based on your schedule. Expect minimum lead time with LEDLUCKY. It does not take a long time to produce the desired lights.

Ability to Make Amazing Products
Another factor impacting cost is the quality of the product. The more amazing the lighting the more you would need to pay.

Option to Test the LED High Bay Lights
Finally, you cannot overlook the need for an option to test the LED high bay lights. LEDLUCKY provides its clients with the possibility to test their orders. Testing different options provide you with the opportunity to choose the best LED high bay lights for your business premises.


2.Self-Made Structural Parts

2.1 Self-Made Structural Parts

LEDLUCKY offers structural parts. If you want to produce structural parts, you will require a die-casting factory, a hardware processing factor, and open mold independently. Save materials and price differences with LEDLUCKY. It guarantees performance and boasts a stable delivery time. The structural parts are designed to provide amazing performance. They are made to last. You can count on them to last a long time as they offer superior durability. You can discuss with LEDLUCKY to get the desired structural parts made. It makes sense to go with the best company in town. The cost of self-made structural parts ranges from $250 to $500 for each part. Thus, you can expect to spend up to $2,500 to $5,000 on structural parts alone if you want to illuminate a space of 70m into 42m with a ceiling height of 42m.


2.2 High-Quality Power Supply

Next, one also has to consider a high-quality power supply. When you get LED high bay lights, you need to provide a decent power supply to make sure that the lights continue to operate at their optimum. The same goes for production. LEDLUCKY has a power supply factory and Philips also serves as the power supplier. There are many benefits of a high-quality power supply. The bulbs provided by the company do not consume a lot of energy. Besides, it is crucial to opt for a low voltage supply. LED high bay lights to require a steady power supply for preventing fluctuations and spikes. Proper voltage helps extend the lifespan of the units. The LED power driver of the LED high bay lights offered by LEDLUCKY is far superior to most power drivers in the market.

2.3 LED Beads and SMT Patch

In addition to the above, LEDLUCKY has its own SMT patch workshop. As for the LED beads, they are purchased from well-known companies for offering the best experience. It makes it easier to work with cool light, especially when involved in detailed work for an extended time. You will fall in love with the SMD LED lamps as they provide comforting light which is not too hot to touch. The best thing about the SMD magnifying lamps offered by LEDLUCKY is that they last much longer and tend to be more energy efficient in comparison to traditional lights. The cost of LED beads and SMT patch would set you back by $900 to $1,789 or more depending on quality.


2.4 Low-Cost Accessories

When determining the cost of LED high bay lights, you also have to consider low-cost accessories such as thermal paste, PCB+LED, gasket, aluminum cover, PC cover, glass, and lens. You require accessories to make the most of the LED high bay lights. You cannot just overlook the accessories as they are essential. Thermal paste is necessary for highly efficient LED high bay lights.


Similarly, you may require different lenses for achieving a specific look. Each low-cost accessory allows you to get the most of the lighting. You can browse through different accessory options to find the perfect accessory that you require. It will make your life a whole lot easier. There are all types of accessories available today and you can expect to spend around $2,500 to $6,000 on accessories.

3.Cheap Shipping Cost Of High Bay Lights

As you continue reading our guide, you would want to know more about shipping costs. The fact is that shipping costs can quickly cut down all the savings. Therefore, you cannot afford to overlook shipping costs. They would help point you in the right direction. You need to know about the shipping costs and strive to find the cheapest shipping costs so that you do not end up spending a lot of money. Here is why LEDLUCKY is the best choice when it comes to shipping costs. If you do pay shipping costs, you would have to spend at least $500 to $2,000 depending on quantity or more.

3.1 About Product Size Design

The best thing about LEDLUCKY when it comes to shipping LED high bay lights is that it focuses on product size design. Each shipment is filled with containers for ensuring that transportation costs are minimized. This means that you get to spend the minimum amount of money on lighting. Therefore, it simply makes sense to go with the best company out there. You will not be disappointed by their approach to shipping.


3.2 Long-Term Cooperation Overseas Freight Company

Another reason why LEDLUCKY is the best option when in the market for LED high bay lights is because it has long-term cooperation with an overseas freight company. It allows it to pass on the savings to the customer. This means that you would not need to pay hefty shipping costs when you order LED high bay lights from the company. It will make your life a whole lot easier and you would not need to stress about overspending on shipping. Instead, you would get to keep the savings.


Once you have finished reading our guide to LED high bay lights, you will know everything there is to know about LED high bay lights. It is important that you follow our advice when purchasing the lights. Always go for a well-established company such as LEDLUCKY to ensure that you get the best LED high bay lights. It has made a name in a short period of time and never compromises on quality. This means that you would get the best deal when you place an order with them. The company goes an extra mile for its clients and it shows in its products.

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