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The whole purpose of high bay lighting is to create illumination, which means you need to know the proper positioning of your high bay lights. This will depend on the function of the space you’re illuminating, which we’ll get into later in this article.
So, let’s start with how to place your lights, as well as some different ways they can be positioned around the room or warehouse to create the best ambiance and work experience possible.

1. Different Ways to Position High Bay Lights

1. Side-by-side mounting is the most common way to position high bay lights. This means the light fixtures are mounted on either side of the area you want to illuminate.
2. End-to-end mounting is another popular way to position high bay lights. This means the light fixtures are mounted on opposite ends of the area you want to illuminate.
3. You can also mount high bay lights in a staggered configuration. This means that the light fixtures are not mounted directly next to each other but are offset so that some light is cast in between the fixtures.
Many people do not know how to choose an appropriate high bay light for their needs because many different styles and configurations are available. Different brands offer various sizes, shapes, wattages, lumens, color temperatures, and features to help you decide which would be best for your application.

2. Economical Led high bay light

This type of LED light has been used in places that need a lot of illumination. Compared with conventional lighting, it’s much more cost-effective. As we all know, energy efficiency should be a key concern for any business. Here are some advantages of Economical Led high bay light:

2.1 High Power

High Power (280-360 Watts): The light covers a broader area which is why they’re popular in these environments. They also have a lower lumen per watt, so they don’t use as much electricity as other high bay lights.
While it’s not suitable for smaller areas, this is one of the most cost-effective ways to light larger spaces. In addition, these lights typically have excellent color rendering index ratings, meaning you’ll get better visibility.

2.2 High Light Efficiency


This type of led high bay light will help you save on your electricity bills by providing the same amount of illumination as a standard metal halide lamp at only 20% power usage. The average lifespan for this type of led high bay light is around 40-50 years or 10 times longer. With a lighting control system, this led high bay light can also be dimmed automatically in response to changes in demand, saving even more energy.
With these fantastic features, it’s no wonder these lights are being used in more and more warehouses, factories, supermarkets, parking lots, etc. If you’re looking for an industrial-grade LED high bay light with cooling fans installed inside to keep the temperature down and protect against overheating. LEDLUCKY has exactly what you need, or if you’re looking for just a standard model without any particular installation or functions, we offer those too.

3. Premium Led High Bay Lights

They are industrial-grade LED high bay lights that help you in every aspect of your business. They are not just for factories and warehouses but also for retail stores, car dealerships, schools, hospitals, airports, parking lots, and many more.
A proper installation of the lights can provide a significant amount of energy savings as well as increased safety for people working in the facility. The different types of positioning depend on the needs of your business, but it is essential to make sure that no shadows are being cast by the beams so that all floors can be seen.

3.1 Wide Voltage Power

The voltage is one of the most important aspects of choosing the right high bay light. The right voltage will depend on the size of the space you’re trying to light and the type of bulb you’re using. High bays have three main voltages: 120-277V, 347-480V, and 600-1000V.
LEDLUCKY’s high bay lights can be used with all three types of voltages. They also have a wide range of wattage options which will help you find the perfect fixture for your needs. They even offer dimmable fixtures in some cases.

3.2 Adjustable Power

Most high bay lights are adjustable, meaning you can change the light output to fit your needs. This is a great feature, as it allows you to customize the light output for each area of your space. For example, if you have a workspace that requires more light, you can increase the power output of the light.
Conversely, if you have an area that doesn’t need as much light, you can lower the power output. This feature is especially useful in large spaces, where different regions may require different lighting levels.

3.3 Dimming methods

High bay lights are often used in industrial settings, so it’s essential to know how to position them for optimal function. 0/1-10V dimming is the most common dimming type, allowing you to control the light output by varying the voltage. The drawback with this method is that there can be a noticeable flickering between bright and dark when adjusting the brightness levels, which could disrupt work activities.
Dali dimming relies on specialized equipment for controlling all aspects of the lighting system – including switching from one light setting to another – without any visible flicker. DMX512 is a digital communications protocol that uses two wires (and sometimes a third wire) to transmit data between various pieces of equipment like soundboards, lighting systems, computers, etc. It can be programmed to allow remote access over wireless networks or internet connections.

3.4 Adjustable color temperature


LEDLUCKY high bay lights are available in different colors for different purposes, but one thing that remains the same is the color temperature of these LEDs. Whether looking for white or amber light, these colors are adjustable from warm to cool temperatures. It all depends on what type of area you’re illuminating with your LED lights.
For example, if you need to illuminate an office space where people will be working during the daytime, then it would be better to have white LED lights to see as clearly as possible. On the other hand, if you want to use LEDs for lighting up a warehouse at night, then you’ll want amber-colored LEDs because they won’t produce much glare, making it difficult for people trying to work in low-light conditions.

4. Customized Led high bay light

Many companies make customized led high bay lights, each with specific benefits. Here are some benefits:

4.1 Intelligent Control


One way to control LED lights is through a technology called Casambi. This system uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to wirelessly connect devices and allow users to dim or brighten their lights. Another popular method is Zigbee, which uses wireless signals to connect devices but with a different communication protocol than BLE.
Finally, many people also use WiFi-connected devices to control their LED lights. These devices tend to be more expensive than the others, but they offer the added benefit of being controlled from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.

4.2 Sensing function

LEDLUCKY offers different ways to position high bay lights with their various functions. Some of these lights offer a sensing function, including microwave, daylight, and motion sensors. There are several options if you’re looking for a high bay light with a sensing function. Microwave sensors detect movement by bouncing microwaves off of objects.
Daylight sensors automatically sense the brightness outside so that they can adjust the amount of artificial light inside based on the outside’s natural lighting. Motion sensors respond to people and pets moving in front of them by turning on lights accordingly.

4.3 Emergency function

There are many reasons why overhead emergency lights are needed. A power outage can cause significant disruptions in a commercial or industrial setting. If the Power goes out, it can be challenging to see what you’re doing, leading to accidents. Overhead emergency lights provide a bright, consistent light that can help prevent accidents and injuries.
In addition, overhead emergency lights can be used in a fire. If the Power goes out and there is a fire, the overhead emergency lights will provide a safe exit for employees and customers. Overhead emergency lights can also be used in case of an evacuation.


High bay lights are an essential part of any warehouse or industrial facility. They provide adequate lighting for workers and help improve safety conditions. There are many different ways to position high bay lights, and each has its benefits. Depending on your needs, you may want to position your high bay lights in a certain way.
LEDLUCKY is a leading provider of high-quality high bay lights. We offer a variety of models that can be positioned in different ways to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you achieve optimal lighting in your facility.

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