Project time: 2019.12
Project info: led high bay light for factory lighting in Warsaw, Poland
Installation height: 20m
LEDLUCKY products and simulation result: 124 pcs 115W 5000K Ripple Plus led high bay light for factory lighting in Warsaw, Poland

Our client, Michal, proposed for us an industrial lighting project in Warsaw, Poland. The factory requires led lighting and must be installed 20 meters high.

After discussing with the warehouse owner, we finally designed a lighting solution for them using 124 pcs 115w Ripple Plus series LED high bay light, the 115w Ripple Plus LED high bay lights were powered by 5000k Epistar SMD2835 LED chips with the 90-degree lens, its color rendering index was Ra70, its lighting efficiency up to 190lm/w; the aluminum housing coated in black color, with LiFud power supply, non-dimmable; we gave them 5 years warranty.

The warehouse owner was very satisfied with the lighting effect offered by our 115W Ripple Plus LED highbay lights as well as our technical support & teamwork, and he looks forward to working with us on the next project.

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