252 pcs 100W Ripple LED high bay light for warehouse lighting in Taiwan

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LED High Bay Light



Lighting project for warehouse in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, China

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252 pcs 100w Ripple LED high bay light, Samsung SMD2835 LED chip 5700K, Lifud power supply, 90deg, 12m, lighting efficiency up to 130lm/w .

LEDLUCKY lighting dealer in Taiwan has been engaged in a lighting project in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, China; there was a newly constructed warehouse needs high efficiency lighting for its 3rd floor, the mounting height was 12 meters.

After our dealer visited the warehouse, and discussed with the warehouse owner, we finally designed a lighting solution for them using 252 pcs 100w Ripple series LED high bay light, the 100w Ripple LED high bay lights were powered by 5700k Samsung SMD2835 LED chips with 90 degree lens, its color rendering index was Ra80, its lighting efficiency up to 130lm/w; the aluminum housing coated in black color, with LiFud power supply, non-dimmable; considering the warehouse roof, we have equipped the “U” shape mounting bracket for them and gave them 5 years warranty.

The warehouse owner was very satisfied with the lighting effect offered by our 100W Ripple LED highbay lights as well as our technical support & team work, and we are discussing about another project adopts around 1000 pieces Ripple LED high bay lights.

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