High Bay Light Lighting Project Case for Finland DHL warehouse lighting

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High Bay Light series


High Bay Light

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The project start in 2020, with a total area of more than 10000 square meters, including multiple scenes, such as, shelf area, express sorting area, and manual operation area.
Relying on the powerful product line of LEDlucky, we provide the best lighting solutions for various application scenarios in the express warehouse.

1.Shelf area: because the area is relatively narrow, the product we suggest is Elite Gen II linear light, 120W, efficiency up to 174lm/W, 30 degree beam angle, Lumileds 2835 LEDs, 4000K, DALI dimming+ customized sensor, with emergency power supply, suspended installation,5 years warranty, low-angle lens is more suitable for narrow areas,equipped with quick connectors, easy to install, length controllable, equipped with sensor interface, customized sensors to achieve intelligent control, Remote APP control, networking requirements.

2.Express sorting area: requirement: cost effective, easy to install, and save time, so our matching product is Frisby Highbay,150W,125lm/W, Lumiled 2835 LEDs, 90 degree beam angle, 4000K, suspended installation, 3 years warranty, DOB plan, ultra-thin structure, light packaging, saving more than half of the transportation cost compared with similar high bay lights, streamlined heat sink design on the back, no grooves and gaps, no dust accumulation, built-in triangular buckle on the back, ready to use when leaving the factory , without additional installation, cost-effective

3.Manual operation area: requires high light efficiency + networking,so our matching product is Ripple III High bay light,150W power adjustable Driver, 3-Power-in-1,90 degree beam angle, Lumiled 2835 LEDs,4000K, with sensor,suspended installation,5 years warranty, with emergency power supply, sensor realizes intelligent control, remote APP control, networking.

With years of supply chain accumulation, LEDlucky’s high bay light can not only provide the best solution in terms of performance and price, but also with fast delivery time and reliable quality, which is conducive to minimizing cash flow pressure and product failure rate, the annual output can up to 550000 pcs per year, 0.1% failure rate.

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