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Garden lights are extremely important. With proper lighting, you can illuminate your garden area in no time. It will help ensure that your garden is well-illuminated in times when it is dark. If you have a garden at home, you need to get garden lights. We have prepared the ultimate guide that aims to provide you with all the information that you could possibly need. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

1.Why Do We Pay Attention To Garden Lights?

There are various reasons why garden lights are important. The following reasons explain why we pay attention to the lights.

1.1 Illuminate Swimming Passages, Parking Lots, Steps, and Swimming Pools to Reduce the Risk of Falling or Drowning

One of the main reasons why we pay attention to garden lights is because they help illuminate swimming passages, swimming pools, and steps. Shadows and the dark can increase the risk of one falling or drowning. By installing garden lights, you get to ensure that there is sufficient lighting so that everyone can easily make their way at night or when it is dark. The illumination will prevent darkness from taking hold. Besides, the lighting will help draw attention to the important parts of the building. Thus, you will get to show off the beautiful exteriors of your property.


1.2 Match with Vegetation to Create a Calm and Gorgeous Atmosphere

Another reason why garden lights are necessary is that they are at the forefront of providing a calming and gorgeous natural environment where the plants and vegetation can truly flourish. Your trees and flowers will get to benefit from the lighting. You can expect to create a gorgeous atmosphere by leveraging garden lights. If you are getting garden lighting for your commercial premises, you will find the lighting to be perfect for the plants. It is not too harsh and will allow the natural color of your plants to shine through. It does not get better than this.

1.3 Walking Under the Garden Lights Can Relieve the Pressure of Work and Life

As we continue to realize just how important gardens and greenery are, it makes sense to get garden lights to spend time in the garden at night. Mental health improves when you walk under the garden lights. You will get to relieve yourself of the pressures of work and life in general. Outdoor lighting plays a huge role in helping you spend more time outside when it is dark. Therefore, you get to improve your mental health by leveraging different lighting techniques. It is extremely important to be outside and with garden lights, you get to do exactly that.

1.4 Reduce the Probability of Intrusion by Criminals and Provide More Sense of Security

If the above reasons did not convince you to get garden lights, the fact that they help reduce the probability of intrusion by criminals and offer more sense of security should definitely get you onboard. The thing about dark settings is that they make you feel insecure. Without the ability to see who is around you, you are likely to feel vulnerable. By installing garden lights, you also get to reduce the probability of intrusion by criminals. They would be deterred to take the risk of attempting a burglary.

2.Protect Your Garden Lights

Now that you know more about garden lights, it is important that you learn about protecting them. If you want them to last a long time, you have to take good care of them. The following tips will help you take care of that.

2.1 Use LED Lights with Low Heat Emission to Reduce the Attraction to Bugs

The first thing that you need to do is use LED lights that are known for their low heat emission. It would also help reduce the attraction to bugs. This is where LEDLUCKY garden lights truly shine. The Artemy LED Post light and the Agony LED Post Light are perfect examples of lights that do not attract flies or insects. Besides, it can be frustrating to see bugs taking over the lighting. Hence, you need to go for a lower heat emissions option. The lights are good for the environment and help you save energy costs.


2.2 Install the Hood to Control the Angle of Light While Reducing Accidental Impact Damage

Next, you have to install light shields for creating a physical barrier between the outdoor elements and the lighting fixtures. The light shields help cover the fixtures and redirect light in a certain direction. By getting light shields, you get to increase the protection of your expensive outdoor fixtures. They also help ensure that the lights do not shine too bright in just one spot. Thus, you get more done with your lighting and also reduce accidental impact damage. Know the accurate dimensions of the fixtures when shopping for light shields.

2.3 Use Well-Structured Lamps, Which Means It Has A Long Working Life

When you get garden lights, you need to use well-structured lamps. They also provide a longer working life. The truth is that some light bulbs and fixtures are just not meant to be used outside the property. Therefore, you have to get fixtures from a brand like LEDLUCKY as it would ensure that everything is specifically designed for outdoor use.

2.4 Place the Garden Lights in the Correct Position

When it comes to using garden lights, location is everything. You have to place them in the correct position if you want to work and last a long time. Before getting the outdoor lighting installed, it is something that you have to consider. It will ensure that you create the perfect outdoor lighting plan. Choose the lighting locations strategically to benefit from long-term protection. You need to place the garden lights in a location where the outdoor lighting components would be protected from the elements. They should provide sufficient lighting and last a long time at the same time. You can install the lights underneath overhands to ensure that they are protected from moisture.

2.5 Protect the Wires and Connections of Garden Lights

When installing garden lights, you have to make sure that the wires and connections of the lights are well protected. The lighting is dependent on power and connection. The wires and connections impact the performance of the lighting. Hence, you have to keep the wires protected. Keep them insulated and protected from water for the best results because water can cause shorts or other issues.

2.6 Maintain the Garden Lights System to Ensure That It Can Be Properly Controlled

Finally, you also have to maintain the garden lights system for ensuring that it continues to be properly controlled. It is not something that should be taken lightly. Service the landscape lighting system for ensuring that it does not get damaged.
Regardless of which type of garden lights you get, you have to ensure that they are well maintained and service from time to time. Unexpected elements will take a toll on the lighting system. Hence, you have no excuse to not get them serviced. You should consult with a professional for the best outcome.

3.Precautions When Using Garden Lights

If you want the garden lights to last a long time, you have to take good care of them. The following precautions will allow you to do just that.

3.1 Installation Height: It Depends On the Installation Area of the Garden Light

The first precaution that you need to consider is the installation height. It is based on the installation area. However, you need to make sure that the installation height is just right. It should neither be too high nor too low. Otherwise, the light would simply not perform and would fail to last a long time.


3.2 Using Garden Lights of Different Colours and Colour Temperatures to Highlight the Characteristics of the Courtyard

Next, you should consider getting garden lights that have different colors and color temperatures. It will help you highlight the different characteristics of your courtyard. You will find the difference in colors to be complementary. Anyone that walks into space will be amazed by the beauty of different colors. It will allow you to make a good impression on others and also ensure that your entire property is well illuminated.

3.3 Turn on the Garden Lights from Dusk to Dawn

Finally, a tip that you have to follow every day is turning the garden lights on when the sun sets and switching them off once the sun rises. There is no point to switch on the lights during the day as it would only increase your energy bill and reduce the life of the lighting.


Once you have gone over our guide, you will have all the information you need to get garden lights. From the benefits of garden lights to their proper use and care, you will find our guide to be highly insightful. You can always visit the guide whenever you are in need of information.

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