Apolo Led Highbay Light

Apolo high bay light with Philips’s top-notch IP67 driver is designed for a high-temperature environment -30°C~+60°C and is ideal for paper mills, smelters, refineries, etc. 80W, 110W, 150W, 180W and 220W available. With a PC high light transmission lens, the luminous efficiency can reach 165lm/W. And The solution of adopting the detachable bracket allows the driver to be packed separately which helps reduce the volume and also the shipping cost.

  • Philips' top-notch IP67 driver, featured an outstanding performance of heat.
  • It could withstand up to 60deg ambient temperatures.
  • Provide UGR value under 22 with 55deg beams and under 25 with 85deg.
  • VDE/UL listed a 3*1.0mm² rubber cable with the cold-pressed terminal.
  • .ies/.ldt files are available.
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AL Cover
AL Cover
Surge protector
Surge protector
Microvave sensor
Microvave sensor
IP65 junction box
IP65 junction box

General lnformation

  • 1. LED Type : Seoul Semiconductor 3030
  • 2. Light Efficacy : 165lm/W
  • 3. CCT : 4000K/5000K/5700K
  • 4. CRI : 80
  • 5. LED Lifespan : [email protected] 25℃
  • 6. Power Supply : Philips
  • 7. Driver efficiency : 91%
  • 8. Warrany : 5 Years Warrany
  • 9. Certificate : CE, CB, RoHS, ENEC


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Apolo LED Highbay

Designed for high temperature environment:-30°C~+60°C
Philips’s top notch IP67 driver featured with outstanding performance of heat management itself, combining with one-piece formed die-casting heatsink could withstand up to 60 ambient temperature which is ideal for steel mills, refineries, paper factory etc.



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