Batwing Gen II Led Panel High Bay Light

BatWing Gen II LED panel high bay light is with a punch-formed heat sink, particular slim and light, and good heat dissipation. it’s applied to indoor area lighting such as a workshop, warehouse, and supermarket. It allows changing the lens when opening the end cap. As a result, the lens is changeable to achieve a suitable light distribution for the project practically.

BatWing Gen II is supported for row connection, the lamp could be connected nearly seamlessly and extended with a structural connector. It could replace traditional T5, especially in supermarkets, underground Parking Lot, etc…

60deg / 90deg / 110deg lens veils inserted are designed to be used as interchangeable parts.
Deliver narrow/ wide distribution patterns for demanding environments.
Aesthetic design construction with white powder coated finish shows elegant and concise appearance.
Built-in driver reduces installation cost at site.
Row connection available.
BatWing Gen 2-poster-1
BatWing Gen 2-poster-3
Varilinear Gen 2-poster-4


Optional LENs veils
Optional LENs veils
Clips for loop inout connection
Clips for loop in/out connection

Specification Summary

LED Type :
Samsung 2835
Light Efficacy :
4000K/ 5000K
Power Supply :
Osram/ Sosen
Type of Driver :
Non-isolated/ Isolated
Driver efficiency :
Warrany :
5 Years
Certificate :

Product View

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Product Size Chart(unit: mm)

Batwing GEN-75W-150W

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