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Let’s face it, a common problem in table tennis rooms is lighting. Table tennis is a popular sport, especially in China, which is a great way to have fun and relax after a long day. Having proper lighting for the table tennis room is crucial as it is a fast-paced sport. This is because without good lighting players will not be able to see the Ping Pong clearly.

There are plenty of lighting solutions for a table tennis room. This makes it challenging to find the right lighting option. To help you install table tennis room lighting, we have created this guide.

What is the Size of the Table Tennis Room?

One of the aspects you need to consider is the size of the table tennis room. Everyone knows that the size requirement for playing table tennis is small in comparison to other sports. This is the reason why it can be played in any place.

Since you can almost play it anywhere, it doesn’t mean you should. You must play this sport in a proper facility with dedicated space and equipment.

For a standard competition, the minimum size you will need for playing table tennis is as follows:

  • National League- 33 feet x 16 feet 6 inches
  • International Events- 46 feet x 23 feet
  • Recreational Play- 28 feet x 13 feet
  • National Tournaments- 40 feet x 20 feet
  • Local League- 30 feet x 16 feet 6 inches

One of the most important aspects of the table tennis room is lighting. The lighting design of the room depends on the size of the room and the level of competition.

Requirements for Table Tennis Room Lighting

There are several aspects that you have to consider when installing table tennis room lighting.

1. Uniformity of Light

Uniform lighting is indispensable for playing table tennis. Most of the table tennis rooms don’t have professional lighting. The table tennis venues are dark as they solely rely on room lighting. The lighting intensity and height of light in the playing areas must be according to the following standard:

  • Recreational Purposes- 300 lux and light must be 10 feet above the floor.
  • National League and Local League- 500 lux and height should be 10 feet.
  • National and International Tournaments- 750 to 1000 lux with 13 feet height.
  • Olympic Games and World Championships- 1000 lux and height of light should be 16 feet and 6 inches.

2. Glare-Free

The table tennis room lighting should not produce glare. This is because it will cause discomfort and irritation for the audience and players. It will negatively impact the vision of the players and they will not be able to see the ball clearly. So, it is recommended to install lights that have an anti-glare feature.

3. Standard of Lighting for Table Tennis Room

The lighting standard for the table tennis room should be kept in mind when designing the lighting layout. According to the standard, in recreational or non-competition matches, the light must produce 300 lux. The horizontal illuminance evenness must be U1>0.4, U2>0.6.

For an area of size 3.5 m x 7.5 m in which 6 tables are placed, there should be 3 led panel lights of 30W must be installed above every table.

Moreover, for brightening up the room for making broadcasting possible like for the Olympic Games, the table tennis room should have 1500 to 2500 lux. You have to make sure the light distribution is even for all the tables.

The brightness of light in other areas of the venue must not be less than ½ of the brightness of the match table. The light must be installed above 5 meters from the floor. Keep in mind that the illumination in the audience area must be lower than that of the competition space.

What Features Must Your LED Lights Have for Table Tennis Room?

There are numerous features that your LED lights must-have. The color of light is one of the important factors. It is advised to use warm color for providing a relaxing and comfortable environment for both, players, and spectators.

Another must-have feature in the LED light is the flexibility to customize the power of the light. There are many LED lights that enable you to adjust several functions like beam angle. It will allow you to have a light that is in accordance with your requirements.

The LED lights require no warmup time. This means there will be no energy wastage. In traditional lights, nearly 60% to 70% of energy is wasted. LED lights are known for consuming less energy and reducing costs on energy bills. The LED will decrease at least 5% of energy wastage. Since it is regarded as cool light, it is perfect for brightening up space efficiently.

The lifespan of LED lights is long. LED lights require no maintenance; this helps in decreasing overall costs.

When you are in search of a good LED light, LEDLUCKY is the right choice.


Lighting Design for Table Tennis Room

The first thing you need to focus on when designing lighting for the table tennis room is the level of competition. Is it a recreational match, or a professional match? Every venue has its own standard lights.

The light design is also dependent on the size of the room. If the room is used for recreational competitions, you will need 200 to 250 lux. While for International Competitions, you will need 1000 lux.

The next thing you need to consider is the quality of the table tennis room lighting. For the Olympic Games, the light must be glare-free and flicker-free. Furthermore, the light must provide bright and uniform light. This is essential for enhancing the performance of the players.


In the end, table tennis room lighting is important for the players and spectators. This is because it will help them see what is happening without any problem. To make sure the lighting is good, you need to have proper lighting design. If you need more information, LEDLUCKY experts are here to help you.

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