Cannabis Vertical Farm LED Grow Light with Dynamic Lighting System

LED Grow Light

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LED Grow Light

Ledlucky plant lights are available in various styles, applicable from industrial greenhouses to home plantations. From fruits and vegetables to herbs, cannabis. LEDLUCKY lighting company supply various high yield grow lights support OEM, the spectrum can be customized and the light quantum efficiency is high.

QuantumPlate LED Grow light

QuantumPlate LED Grow light

QuantumPlate grow light supplies a sling to adjust the height, good heat dissipation, PPR and PPF are available, and the spectrum is suitable for hemp and other plants.

Spider LED Grow Light

Spider LED grow light has a high yield rate for cannabis, like company's other products has IP65 protection grade, passed CE, RoHS, UL certification, and has an adjustable light spectrum, which is especially suitable for cannabis cultivation,
LinearLP LED Grow Light

LinearLP LED Grow Light

LinearLP Grow Light's adjustable spectrum covers the different stages of plant growth to meet the needs of industrial greenhouses and small and medium-sized households.
LinearHP LED Grow Light

LinearHP LED Grow Light

LinearHP Grow Light provides reliable light for vegetable demand in harsh environments, suitable for industrial greenhouses, farms, and household plant racks.

The power consumption of LEDLUCKY strips grow lights

200W – 400W
35W – 100W

What are the best led grow lights of 2021 near you?

LEDLUCKY Lighting Company – Professional Grow Lights Supplier – Always strives for the best match of product quality and price and provides customers with the best high yield grow lighting solution.
The delivery time of bulky orders is within 4 weeks, samples within 1 week. And we have a stable material supply chain that relies on more than 10 years of cooperation. Many customers purchase our grow lights through OEM.

Why you should choose full spectrum led grow lights for indoor plants?

Plants at different stages require different spectra
Like Cannabis Spectrum, LEDLUCKY lighting company recommends as follows:
Vegetative Stage – “Blue” light for healthy leaves (range: 400-500nm; ideal: 460nm)
Flowering Period – “Red” light for giant buds (range: 620-780nm; ideal: 660nm)