LED Education Light


Take the advantages of buy high efficiency education lighting for classroom directly from leading China LED education lighting manufacturer, LEDLUCKY offer your worry free classroom light fixtures and one stop education lighting solution.


Blackboard Light

Blackboard light is a linear light specially designed for classroom blackboard, Its unique asymmetry beam angle design can accurately project light onto the blackboard without wasting light and can effectively improve the energy saving.

Grille LED Classroom Light

Grille light is a backlit panel light, with a high transmitted reflector which helps lower the UGR and reduces the glare hazard to create a good lighting environment, especially suitable for the classroom lighting area. Grille light uses PMMA lens, it has good luminous uniformity and comfortable visual experience.

Edgelit Panel LED Classroom Light

Edgelit panel is the thinness and high luminous uniformity panel light, it can replace T5 and T8 tube. Uses PMMA and PS diffuser with high light transmitted and no yellowing problem which can reduce decay risk of the LED to guaranty the illumination quality and the lifetime of the fixture. Edgelit panel has various installation methods for options such as boom installation, ceiling installation and recessed installation.