Cannabis Vertical Farm LED Grow Light with Dynamic Lighting System

Spider LED Grow Light

LED Grow Light

Spider can satisfy the lighting solution of industrial greenhouse planting. The Spectrum grows light design is aimed at the growth process of cannabis in vertical farms and meets the light nutrition requirements of the stages from sowing, germination, growth, blossom, and bearing fruit. Spider adopts a modular design for cannabis grow lights dynamic lighting system, large luminous area and uniform luminous, has the characteristics of the diverse combination. The large gap between the modules is more conducive to complement the natural light. Good heat dissipation can be infinitely close to the growth surface of plants to make the utilization rate of photons higher. The IP65 waterproof solution and cannabis grow dynamic lighting system is also suitable for hydroponic plant factories and vertical farms. The power range of Spider is 80W~800W, and the PPF value range is 184-1840 mol/s.

  • The adjustment rope can easily adjust the installation height to accommodate the plant growth height at any time.
  • Light quantum efficiency is high, and it is more conducive to plant growth.
  • Outstanding thermal solution allows for usage in commercial application
  • High efficiency 2.3umol/j
  • Photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) up to 1380 µmol/s
  • UL driver, 0-10V dimming solution, optional for SENSOR
  • UL listed and DLC qualified

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