Replaceable Battery Portable Handheld UV Light Sterilizer Wand

Model No.: FK-UL3-120N-FM    FK-UL5-120N-FM

Instant Damage: Through UV irradiation, the DNA structure of a single-celled microorganism is damaged. This leads to its immediate death or loss of reproductivity.
Wide Range of Applications: Germinator can be used at home or workplace to disinfect mobile devices, keyboard, laptop, car, food, telephone, feeding bottles, doorknob, pacifiers, toys, baby cloth, toilet seat, towel, bathtub, table, stool etc.
Portable and Easy to Use: Small and lightweight, Germinator is easy to store in a briefcase, handbag or luggage. Simply push the switch and you can use it to sterilize any object or surface.

  • 3W, 5W
  • UVC-275nm
  • Beam angles: 120deg
  • Size: Ø30*267 mm
  • Battery: 2*2000mA*1.5V
  • Certification: CE, RoHS
  • Package includes: 1 * UV sanitizing light