Cannabis Grow Lights in The Tent Planting Sheld

QuantumPlate LED Grow light

LED Grow light

QuantumPlate is an LED plant and cannabis growth light suitable for household plants in tent. The full spectrum design not only especially applies to household cannabis cultivation, but also be customized for the growing needs of plants such as cannabis, vegetables, horticultural flowers, etc. It can be closer to the growth surface of plants to improve the utilization rate of photons. Modular design allows flexible splicing. The power range is 100W ~ 400W. PPF range is 200 ~ 800µmol/s.
QuantumPlate grow light is especially suitable for small domestic planting shed in tent, the structure is simple and easy to install, rope height can also be adjusted according to your need.

  • Suitable for tent and industrial greenhouse planting
  • The outstanding thermal solution allows for usage in a commercial application
  • UL driver, 0-10V dimming solution, optional for SENSOR
  • UL listed and DLC qualified
  • Remote control dimming, remote control can be more than 1 pair, remote control distance up to 50m
  • High efficiency 2.0umol/j
  • Photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) up to 800 µmol/s
  • Spectrum customized for industrial marijuana, can also customize to fit other plant of growth spectrum.

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