IK10 Cost-Effective LED Tri-Proof Light Price and List


Mini Eco is a cost-effective and attractive price-led tri-proof light, it can provide a power range of 15W, 35W, 40W. Mini Eco’s light-emitting mask adopts a unique anti-glare design to achieve an excellent light distribution effect and its matching light angle is 120deg, the light efficiency up to 130LM /W. Both ends of the Mini Eco adopt detachable waterproof cable glands, which are especially convenient for wiring during cascading. Mini Eco’s anti-collision capability is up to IK10, it can be used for lighting in factories, offices, large shopping malls, factory workshops, aisles, corridors, and underground parking lots, and other places.

  • 15W, 35W, 45W
  • High light efficiency up to 130lm/W
  • Loop in/out connections
  • Flicker-Free driver
  • IP65 & IK10 led triproof light
  • Detachable water-proof cable gland for easy wiring
  • 3 years warranty
  • Lumen output package from 1,950lm up to 5,850lm
  • Certificates: CE, RoHS

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