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LinearLP Grow Light

LED Grow light

LinearLP is low-power horticulture grow light that works with small to medium vertical planting frames for farm, vegetable, hydroponic, greenhouses planting shed, etc. LinearLP’s spectrum is not only suitable for the growth of all leafy vegetable, tomatoes, strawberries, flowers, herbs, etc., but also it can be adjusted through three buttons to maximize the growth needs of germination, leaf growth, flowering, fruiting and other stages. LinearLP structure is simple in design, so it is easy to install. LinearLP has a low power range of 35W to 100W and the PPF value is 70 to 200µmol/s, making the application environment more flexible.

  • Suitable for vertical farm and indoor plant stand.
  • Suitable for industrial planting shed as well as small and medium-sized household planting shed.
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized vegetable planting shed, to fulfill the needs of the family for vegetables; you can also plant herbs and other plants to fully meet the psychological needs of DIY.
  • UL driver, 0-10V dimming solution.

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