Commercial Greenhouse Hydroponic LED Light

LinearHP Grow Light

LED Grow light

LinearHP is a professional grow light that is ideal for greenhouses, vegetable, hydroponics and industrial planting shed etc. LinearHP’s spectrum is not only suitable for the growth of all leafy vegetable, tomatoes, strawberries, flowers, herbs, etc., but also it can be adjusted to meet the needs of germination, leaf growth, flowering, fruiting and other stages of growth. The power range of LinearHP is 200W to 400W, and the PPF value is 400 to 800µmol/s.

  • Suitable for industrial planting shed, vertical farm and household plant stand.
  • The outstanding thermal solution allows for usage in a commercial application.
  • The spectrum can be customized to maximize the effect of each stage of plant growth.
  • It provides a possibility for vegetable cultivation in areas with harsh environment and meets the vegetable demand of local people.
  • The adjustable spectrum which via three power sources to control the illumination of different colors, to achieve spectral changes.
  • Convenient installation, high power is more suitable for greenhouse vegetable planting.
  • UL driver, 0-10V dimming solution, optional for SENSOR
  • UL listed and DLC qualified
  • High efficiency 2.0umol/j
  • Photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) up to 800 µmol/s

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