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ArenaSharp S LED Stadium Light

ArenaSharp S is an ultra-light product designed to solve the difficulties of high-altitude operation of professional stadium lights, which improves the safety of installation and maintenance. The light body of ArenaSharp S 1500W weighs only 26.3kg, and the power box and light body can be installed separately, which is convenient for high-altitude operations. ArenaSharp S adopts a bending bracket design, which reserves enough space for installation and operation. These humanized designs not only ensure the convenience and safety of high-altitude installation of high-power lights but also save labor costs for installation and maintenance. This makes ArenaSharp S a very competitive stadium light among LEDLUCKY.

ArenaSharp S also designed symmetrical and asymmetrical lights for professional sports arenas, which can reasonably control the light pollution caused by glare. ArenaSharp can be applied to a variety of different installation methods such as racetrack installation and high pole installation.

LEDLUCKY is an integrated supplier of professional sports lights design and manufacturing. We have a professional R&D team and a nationally accredited CNAS laboratory to meet the needs of customers for OEM and ODM. ArenSharp S can be customized for 1000 hours of anti-salt spray spraying, which can be applied to places with strong ambient air corrosiveness, such as ports and coastal areas. The structural design is stubborn and can withstand Class 16 typhoons; and the lamp body comes with a 10kv surge protector, which can be used normally in severe weather such as thunderstorms and typhoons. In addition, ArenaSharp S uses internationally renowned Inventronics power supplies and Philips and Osram lamp beads to ensure that the failure rate of the lamps is minimized, and the material and labor costs for subsequent maintenance are saved.

  • Watts: 375W, 750W, 1125W, 1500W
  • Light Efficiency: 150lm/W, 140lm/W, 130lm/W, 120lm/W
  • Beam angle: Symmetric & Asymmetric available
  • IP66 & IK08
  • 10kv surge protection
  • LM80, ISTMT, and TM21 reports are available
  • 5 years warranty
  • Wide range of lumen output package from 45,000lm up to 225,000lm

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