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Step 1

When the customer claim the product has problem and are not accordant to their initial expectation. The Quality Assurance department will do a investigation according to the problems which the customer have proposed. Try their best to find the reasons for causing such problems.

Step 2

Then the QA department should make a Initial Report to the customer to let the customer be assured.

Step 3

If the QA department fail to analysis, customer should return the bad products and then the QA department will have a further history investigation.

Step 4

After that the QA department will do a overall investigation on Electrical & Mechanical characteristics.

Step 5

If they still fail to find the reason, then the Engineering dept, the Planning and Production dept will get together to continue a further and unitary investigation to find the reason for bad work


The stuff from the ministry of foreign trade should feedback the report, If is really the seller’s mistake. The Product department should re-processing the product and send the new to the customer to compensation for the loss.


The continuous improvement to solve the problem would be achived as formal documents issued by Engineering Dept. and other related Dept.. Our workers will be well informed and supervised through SOP(standard operation process) during the Routin Training Course.